More complex description of powers


Andrew has the power of biological manipulation followed by ALL its sub-powers/possible applications, this includes the abilities to heal others or even create diseases and such, unfortunately Andrew does not use the full potential of his powers but has shown to use a portion of his full potential when his usual combat strategy doesn't work.

Andrew has mastered some of his sub powers and thus uses them more than his others, he excels in using the following

The third most used power Andrew has, he's mastered creating organic constructs out of his body with in weeks of being born, he is capable of turning his entire body into a weapon...he can create whips,maces,axes,swords,shields,spears, even cannons, this works by Andrew using manipulating his cells and even DNA

Unknown to most besides his creator and a select few others, his DNA by default is 90% human and an unknown 10% of some extraterrestrial creature....this is where the source of Andrew's powers come from that 10% is just enough to change his DNA to anything he could think of and can only be limited by his imagination and size.

with the ability to change his DNA he can shape shift into other creatures, when he shape shifts into a creature he copies their DNA down to 99% practically becoming that creature....with that said the ability to change his genetic structure he can create his organic constructs to be even as strong as adamantium....Andrew can also produce projectile spikes sharp enough to pierce tungsten with no effort or thin silky webs that can hold a hundred tons for many hours and even spew acid that can melt objects down to a molecular level (remember folks he doesn't use all the potential of his abilities he keeps it simple unless the situation arises where he will need to mix things up a bit)

Andrew's most used ability, Cellular Regeneration at incredible speeds regardless of the physical damage...for example Andrew is capable of healing from several bone fractures including such like Femur,Skull,Ribs, literally in moments and his ability to heal is so advanced it's mpossible for him to die of blood loss

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