Enchanted Items owned by Omega (Cannon)

Omega is a extremely knowledgeable person in the Mystical Arts and thus has mastered the art of enchanting and has created an array of magical items for himself or others

(some of the items he's been given or had found)

The Objects

Orb of Imprisonment

(More to come)

Amulet of Mystic Protection

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Miss Nocturnal

"Sshh shh shh, it's okay Kallik I'll take care of you now


Miss Nocturnal is a extremely powerful yet malignant 4th Dimensional being that has secretly taken Kallik as a host and adopted daughter, the day her mother and other Lycan's were killed opened up a window to Miss Nocturnal's world she poked her head out curiously and saw the hunters and in a sadistic way hunted them the brave Lycan Hunters were mercilessly slaughtered and mutilated by Miss Nocturnal who also absorbed their souls not keeping them but keeping their energy and memories.

As organs and pools of blood filled the earth of the Lycan camp she walked quietly humming a tune to herself killing all who were responsible for opening the window. This is when she came across Kallik she simply needed to glance at her and knew the imminent future instantly "What a pretty little girl" the fourth dimensional being said as she dropped to her knees and touched Kallik's cheek with her cold white fingertip causing Kallik to cry "Sshh shh shh, it's okay Kallik I'll take care of you now, your my little girl" and with a tap to Kallik's forehead she (Nocturnal) became a conduit for Kallik granting her incredible power for when the time was needed

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The Pack................................................................................................................

The Pack

The Emblem of The Pack
A pack member killing Japanese soldiers on a Kongo Class Battle-cruiser during World War II

The pack was first formed by Omega 200,000 years ago and has currently over a quarter million members world wide, the pack was originally only a handful but Omega began spreading the Lycan disease like wild fire and even conquered other clans of Lycans.

Historical Events

  • The Formation

Omega first found out his curse or what some would say his gift in his late adolescence, he infected his entire tribe in one night...at first the infected tribe members were furious with Omega and attacked him but they were unskilled and had a lack of understanding their abilities unlike Omega who for some reason had greater intellect then all of them combined and united them together and taught them how to use their new found gifts to survive better than the other tribes.

  • Creation of the Berserkers

As time went on Omega began to learn the mystical arts which also greatly increased his intelligence and knowledge, he began conquering other clans of Lycan's in mortal combat

(more to come)

Ancient Laws Of The Lycan

"The Ancient Laws Of The Lycan have existed as long as humanity"

  1. Dishonesty is self destruction, you shall not lie to another Pack Member if you ever do....your lie must have been extremely necessary and justified if it is not you will suffer a grievous punishment should you get ten punishments with your stay of the pack you will be exiled and banned permanently.
  2. Secrecy is key, you are tasked to keep attention away from pack members and yourself you will not tell anyone that you or others are Lycans if you believe somebody you can trust you will be held responsible for their actions.
  3. Feast with The Pack..Hunt with The Pack, you will be tasked with objectives by your superiors you will have the option of accepting them the more you complete the greater your reputation will be earning you more privileges but the less you accept the more you will be looked down upon.
  4. Forbidden Betrayal, you shall not betray another Lycan that is a member of the pack which includes stealing,killing or assaulting

Unit types

While there are 250,000 Lycan members world wide the Lycan military is eight times larger being two million strong with five hundred thousand in reserves.

  • Berserkers

Berserkers are not regular Lycans, they are a species variant of lycanthropy created by Omega to be the bulk force of his army. Berserkers don't count as the main Lycan army but are still apart of it they range in the hundreds of thousands, the Berserkers were created via magic Omega formed them out of the earth and darkness of the world and they became completely loyal and obedient to their creator. Berserkers always come in large numbers ranging from a minimum of ten to a maximum of thirty where there's one there will always be more, Berserkers are two times faster than a regular Lycan and their claws are twice as sharp and their strength is also twice as strong and as suspected so is their durability and healing factor. Berserkers are not only commanded by Omega (although their loyalty will be to him first and always) they can also be commanded by other Lycans who have been given Omega's blessings these would usually be high ranking Lycans who were given the privilege to lead up to thirty of these enhanced Lycans at once into battle.

The method of combat Berserkers have depends on their commander, there will always be a commander giving psychic orders to Berserkers who will follow with out question (as their intelligence is decreased making the almost incompetent with out a leader) when there is no leader or the leader is killed they will have a horde mentality and charge at the enemy and attempt to overwhelm them. Berserkers are cheap to create but the method of creating them are only know to Omega and his Lycan mages who have sworn an oath to past down the knowledge to only Lycan mages who come from the pack.

  • Lycan Mages

Lycan Mages are one of the most versatile battle units in the Lycan army and essential in combat, Lycan mages have been trained by the elder mages who in turn where trained by Omega, Lycan mages at minimum will have several hundred years of combat training before entering into battle and will never hesitate into combat, usually these mages have multiple magical abilities and attack which include the following

Mana Shield

A green outline surrounds the object or being the mage casts on (he can cast this on himself or others) the physical shield grants protection against physical and energy based attacks even attacks that can destroy matter and energy, the shield has a limit to how much damage it can take usually it can tank the equivalent of a dozen nuclear war heads worth of kinetic energy before getting disable or the electric energy out put to power the U.S for a century. The Mana shield takes a fraction of a Mage Lycan's mana while it may not sound much it is because their mana reserves are significantly lower than Omega however they can replenish mana just as quickly as he can, Mana shields stack up so if a mage casts in ten times the shield will be ten times stronger however Mana shield only lasts for ten minutes (if stacked every time it is cast again the timer restarts)


Just like Omega, Mage Lycans are capable of instant teleportation ranging distances as far as the Earth to the Sun and they too can teleport other beings or objects with them with such little mana it isn't a bother to them to use it constantly.

Fast Berserker Spawning

With a few seconds of preparation the mages are capable of preforming a ritual that creates Omega's special race of were wolves out of the earth and darkness, they're capable of creating thirty at once in a single ritual but no more than that,they will have to do the ritual again should they need more were wolves.

Lycan Staff

All mages carry a Lycan staff which significantly reduces the cost of mana a Lycan uses due to channeling it more effectively, Lycan staffs give mages offensive abilities they can't do with out it such as lightning strike which summons a lightning bolt from the sky simultaneously enchanting it giving it a 75% chance to stun or paralyze an opponent for several minutes no matter how durable they are (Resistance to stuns and paralyzing attacks will reduce the attack to 25% stun/paralyze), the other attack is mystic bolt which fires a anti-matter energy blast that can erase pretty much anything in one hit from existence if it has no resistance or immunity to anti matter, the third is telekinesis powerful enough to lift buildings off the ground with ease. The fourth and final ability is resurrection, should another being die the Mage simply need point his staff at the fallen being and say "vivere" and a stream of golden yellow energy will jump from the staff and enter the remains of the body no matter how little as long as there was some part of the body left whether it be saliva or hair that person will regenerate his or her body to the status it was pre death and be completely healed, this ability is most used on fallen mages or magic users as it also restores their mana completely.

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Kallik's Diary Chapter 1.........................................................................

1493 March 31st

Kallik wrote in her diary as she thought to herself "Rumors has it a explorer known as Christopher Columbus has found new territory in the east" getting up from her bed she looked at her surroundings, she was in a enclosed wooden room she felt it rock back and forth via her enhanced senses "Michael" she said in a low voice knowing the pack member would hear her from across the room. Entering almost immediately a Caucasian male with a rugged beard around his late twenties wearing a light suit of metallic armor entered "you called me fellow sister?" he asked in a calm gesture as he stood straight while raising his eye brow curiously

Looking at herself Kallik blushed slightly realizing she was still in her long white gown, sitting down again she spoke with authority in her voice "What is the status of our quest Captain Michael?", the captain did not hesitate his reply "The Black Pearl has been following La Santa Maria for several miles, the enchantments and magical awards your father placed on this ship allowed us to keep up pace with the other ships with significant easy all the while remaining completely undetectable" Captain Michael remained quiet staring at her with a blank expression "how many crew members do we have left?" Kallik asked as if she forgot maybe she did "About forty we haven't lost any yet" Michael replied.

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Kallik was born 10,000 years ago and is the daughter of Omega, her father loves her dearly and went to as far as giving her Alpha position in the pack which in their term is second in command.

Human Form

Height 5'6

Physical Age: 22

Hair Color: Blond (True) Brownish Red (Dyed or dirty)

Eye Color: Green

Abilities as Human

  • Enhanced Senses, Thanks to her Lycan physiology in her human form Kallik's six senses are hundreds of times more powerful/effective than a regular human, she has greater sense of smell than a blood hound, greater hearing than a owl and better vision than a eagle followed by her sense of taste which is also extremely sensitive, last but not least is her sense of touch so sensitive when focused she can find even the tiniest disturbances on a surface that not even her vision can perceive.
  • Shape Shifting, Obviously a Lycan has the power to shape shift to and fro human form
  • Love Inducement, Unknowingly Kallik gives off a mild form of love inducement when she's with in certain proximity of people this gift was secretly given to her by Aphrodite
  • Sixth Sense, the sixth sense is a hereditary gift passed down from her mother to her...this gift allows her to sense danger instinctively a certain amount of time before it happens some times it could be moments or even minutes away!
  • Enhanced Speed, Oddly the only significant physical increase in Kallik's body is speed (meaning strength and durability is on par with a fit woman) her speed is Peak Human at best.
  • Healing Factor, her healing factor is constantly activated like an involuntarily muscle, the healing factor is powerful enough to the point moderate to light facial damage is restored in moments and cuts almost instantly the healing factor also keeps her alive when she has internal bleeding as it will continue to produce blood as the wound heals
  • Enhanced Stamina, due to being a Lycan she has restless blood and gains a bonus to energy allowing her to do activities for longer periods than a human can possibly do with out taking a break and longer.
  • Nocturnal Host (Third form, extremely powerful reality warper...currently it's hard to unlock but she can still unlock the form)

First Lycan Form

Kallik was bestowed with an extremely rare birth trait for a Lycan which can her access to two different Lycan forms

The First Form


  • Height: 7'5
  • Length: 7'5
  • Weight: 5,000 LBS


  • Enhanced Strength

In her first Lycan form Kallik is extremely strong with a jaw strength multiple times greater than a full grown T-Rex, her leg muscles allow her to jump up to thirty feet in the air in one bound, Kallik is also of capable of dragging large vehicles such as buses when attached to a rope per say with extreme ease, also when using her speed and body she can break through heavily reinforced blast doors with ease.

  • Enhanced Speed

In her first Lycan form Kallik is significantly faster than her human form, she's capable of reaching speeds of 215 mph nigh instantaneously and her fastest ever done was over 500 mph, Kallik's speed and reaction timing is also significantly increased to nano seconds sometimes seeing other humans stopped and time and bullets moving in slow mo, not only does she have fast reactions and movement speed but also combat speed she's capable of going toe to toe with other veteran Lycans with her own experience and skill she appears as a blur to regular Lycans capable of making multiple bites and claw scratches before they can even react.

  • Enhanced Stamina

In her first Lycan form Kallik has prolonged stamina, the restless blood of a Lycan gives her a huge boost in stamina allowing to exert herself at full power for long periods of time with out being tired in the slightest and with out difficulty, for example as a first form Lycan she can run at full speed for days or use her jaw strength to support an object for days.

  • Enhanced Durability

In her first Lycan form Kallik has enhanced durability, as a Lycan she can survive falls as high as several hundred feet the density of her bones allow her to tank bone crushing attacks with moderate to high difficulty, her fur is also naturally defensive giving her a small immunity to small caliber weapons such as pistol rounds,darts,knifes as they would get stuck on her fur before it can penetrate any further , if she were to get hit by a van going 100 mph she would barely be fazed and would hold still hold her ground, her fur is similar to almost armor as it allows her to absorb kinetic energy very well which does good against blunt attacks mean while her hide beneath the fur is very dense and durable reducing the effectiveness of penetrating weapons;

  • Healing Factor

The most powerful ability of her first Lycan form is the healing factor, Kallik's healing factor is extremely powerful to the point the majority of attacks are healed instantly the ability is excellent for fighting physical characters as she can be a tank taking multiple class hundred ton punches and healing instantly before each blow, however it's extremely vulnerable to penetrating attacks such as blades or bullets as they will get stuck inside her due to her extremely fast healing factor which will give Kallik agonizing pain and even incapacitate her if not removed

  • Enhanced Dexterity/Agility/Mobility

Kallik despite her size and weight in this from is extremely well skilled in movement graceful like, centuries of using this form has allowed her to preform movements that younger Lycan's would not be able to preform, her balance is perfect her footing is perfect her movement to avoid attacks is perfect.

  • Enhanced Senses

All of Kallik's senses in human form are amplified a hundred times more in her first Lycan form

  • Strengthened Skeletal Structure

All the bones in Kallik's body are extremely durable capapble of withstanding thousands of tons of pressure per square inch with little difficulty

Second Lycan Form

The Second Form


  • Height: 4'0-7'0
  • Weight: 100-200 lbs


  • Enhanced Strength

In her second Lycan form Kallik is more humanoid than beast and thus has more of her strength donated to her arms,legs and hands rather than the jaw, with minimum effort she's capable of exerting a hundred tons of force per light attack and over three hundred with a heavy attack.

  • Enhanced Speed

Kallik's second Lycan form is eighty times faster than her first form, Kallik's second form focuses the majority on speed lots of speed speed blitzing is a constant form of attack used by Kallik in second form, moving at speeds so fast she appears to be teleporting she can kill large waves of enemies nigh instantaneously with a strong combination of speed and strength and her reaction time is now in the picoseconds and finds ballistic weapons in her perspective move as slow as snails

  • Size Manipulation

Kallik is capable of decreasing her size to a mere four feet or large seven feet, the shrinkage gives Kallik actually a huge advantage against larger enemies since her speed and physical strength followed by speed blitzing allows her to dish out a barrage of attacks be nigh impossible to get hit by a foe.

  • Enhanced Agility

Kallik's most useful ability in the second form is her agility which allows her to avoid attacks flawlessly as easy as she can do attacks herself, she has a maximum jump height of sixty feet and agility on par with Spiderman.

  • Enhanced Healing Factor

Same cons and pros as the first form except the second form allows her to regenerate lost limbs instantaneously

  • Enhanced Senses

Her enhanced sense are twice as more effective than her first form.

  • Enhanced Durability

Kallik's durability to penetration is increased significantly while to blunt is reduced moderately allowing blunt attacks to be more effctive if they can land on Kallik, despite this she still has class hundred level durability

Sinful Form

This form is granted to Kallik in the most desperate of times by Miss Nocturnal and is extremely powerful allowing her to warp time and space and achieve a status some would consider Demi-God like at the very least and has the potential to become one of the most powerful beings in the universe


Height: 5'8 or ∞

Weight: N/A can range to 0 or ∞ via reality warping


  • Reality Warping

While seldom used offensively due to the fear of irreversible effects. Kallik uses them to amp herself up or even manipulate the environment around her she's shown complete control of transmutation and matter manipulation and several other abilities that come with reality warping

  • Enhanced Intellect

Gaining a portion of power from a 4th dimensional being Kallik's intelligence is significantly increased to the point she thinks on another plain of reality even humans that can be considered geniuses would give her difficulty understanding their words as she will see and hear the whole world in a different perspective, her IQ becomes incalculable as Miss Nocturnal's Omniscience feeds her the answers of which she seeks but only in this form and all knowledge is lost once the form is no longer used.

  • Absolute Immortality

Kallik gains complete immunity from diseases,viruses,sickness,poisons,chemicals,bio weapons,radiation and sedatives not a single type or variant are capable of effecting her, her immortality also prevents death of any attacks whether it be a nuclear missile going off or anti matter even a solar flare... she will form out of the nothingness of the Universe instantaneously after the destruction of her physical form.

  • Regeneration

Kallik's regeneration in her Sinful form is one of the most powerful in the universe, due to her powerful healing factor she can come back from anything.

Kallik has

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  • Height: 10'0
  • Weight: 20,000 lbs
  • Age: 200,000

200,000 years ago a Homosapien became one of the first were wolves that ever lived and was responsible of increasing the population of were wolves significantly, the name of this being was simply Omega for he formed the largest,biggest and most powerful pack of were wolves that ever existed at their time.


  • Blades Of Bloodlust

The blades of blood lust was formed by a Mage after Omega formed a deed for him.These blades have several abilities, the first is an enchantment that whenever commanded by Omega and Omega only a coat of Holy fire and Hell fire combined will form around the edges of the blades granting a constant heat out put of 1,000 kelvin, the second ability is the divine metal as only high level Skyfathers are capable of bending or denting the blades, the third is extra super natural damage which makes all attacks from the blades twenty times more deadly on supernatural creatures than regular mortals, the fourth ability is extra penetration which allows Omega to cut through extremely durable materials with Skyfather level durability, the fifth ability is self repair moments after being damage the blades will be inactive but will also at the same time begin to repair itself slowly, the sixth enchantment allows Omega to detect hidden enemies as his blade will glow a bright cyan blue several seconds before danger appears, the seventh enchantment is the ability to hit intangible entities of magical,technological and meta origin, the final enchantment is where the blades get their name...when Omega attacks an opponent with the blades all negative side effects on him and wounds are transferred to his opponent and in return he absorbs their life force instantly replenishing his mana and stamina followed by weakening his opponents durability by half it's original capability and the effect stacks up so the more Omega hits the lower his opponents durability goes.

  • Shadow Of The Pack

This is the name of the enchanted cape Omega wears, Omega himself created the cape which gives him several capabilities from the powerful enchantments, the first enchantment is Invisibility which makes him undetectable to everything except the following three...the first is high level telepaths which will be able to detect his presence but not accurately pin point his exact location the second is high tier magical wards which the cape can't by pass and the third are were wolves from his own pack, the second enchantment grants him a infinitely spaced pocket dimension that he can enter at will or trap others in...while he is in the pocket dimension he is truly invincible, the third enchantment is indestructibility nothing can damage the cape nothing short of a Omnipotent, the fourth enchantment is shape shifting the cape allows Omega to turn into his human form or other animal forms at will, the final enchantment bestows Omega with the power of limited levitation allowing him to seemingly have the power of flight as he glides from tall buildings or leaps high in the air.

  • Hide Of The Lycan

This is the name of the enchanted armor Omega wears, this too he has created and gives him a useful arsenal of capabilities, the first enchantment bestows a ward that grants immunity to death inducement and life absorption attacks, the second enchantment is a high tier magical ward that protects Omega from soul manipulation and internal attacks, the third is invulnerability and indestructibility wherever the pieces of his armor are at...those places will be impossible to harm him only the unarmored areas grant a chance to harm Omega, the fourth enchantment is powerful kinetic energy absorption that's enchanted heavily on the armor so when he is attacked by powerful forces of kinetic energy he will barely flinch...a punch from a class hundred to his chest would not even faze him,

Runes Of The Neither World

The strange blue gems you see on Omega's armor is what gives him a extremely large mana supply to cast spells and other magic based abilities, the first noticeable effect of the gems is that they are indestructible no matter what attack they truly are and neither are they capable of being manipulated by matter manipulation or any sort of manipulation as they come from what the very universe itself is made out of and can only be used as a power source for practically anything, the second is that anybody who uses magic will find themselves with a nigh bottomless supply of mana that regenerates their mana pool even faster than the speed of light allowing them to cast extremely powerful spells repeatedly with no consequence of running out of energy,

(More to come)

Human Form

As a human Omega still has an array of abilities,

  • Enhanced Swordsmanship

Omega has been using a sword since 3300 B.C and one of his favorite swords is the long sword which he is extremely skilled at, killing hundreds of other skilled swordsman during his long life span.

  • Enhanced Strength

Omega in his Human form has four times the strength of a regular Lycan and can dish out four times the striking power with minimum effort.

  • Melee Master

Omega has been practicing melee combat for two hundred thousand years non stomp, whether it be a spear,axe,knife,mace,shield he has mastered them all even unarmed combat creating his own form of martial arts to adapt his strengths and weaknesses he calls his martial arts shadow weaving.

  • Indomitable Will Power

(Let's just say if he was a Green Lantern, he would be the more powerful than every gl member combined) Omega has an insane resistance to telepathy on a galactic scale so offensive TP attacks are useless.

Combat feats as Lycan

(None so far)


Omega is an extremely powerful and skilled magical user, his spells work by him speaking in Latin, the list of magical skills he has used before are below, also Omega has an extremely large mana supply (mana is the energy that powers his magic based abilities) that regenerates at a moderately fast pace.

  • Teleportation

With a simple thought the Lycan is capable of Instant Transmission with in a large distance (Earth to Sun), and he is capable of bringing multiple beings and gear with him while teleporting as well, the teleportation spell barely costs Omega any mana and he can use this ability for months non stop before his base mana reserves (no runes) deplete, the only thing that has shown to inhibit his teleportation spell are ONLY high tier magical wards.

  • Aura + Life Detection

Speaking reveal (revelare) in Latin, Omega casts a spell as far as he could see that shows the aura and life force of beings and also decloaks hidden enemies whether it be of magical,technological or meta origin. his view point of the aura of a person is three things if they are neutral he sees a grey aura while if they are evil he sees a red aura and if they are good he sees a yellow aura,

  • Force Push

Omega releases a blast of kinetic energy and wind energy in a circular motion that has a blast radius of fifty square feet, an example of it in combat is when Omega is surrounded by multiple enemies with just a thought a blast of wind spreads out in a circular motion from with in him with enough kinetic energy to destroy diamonds, this ability is not only just useful for taking out multiple enemies but for also knocking them off their feet. the force push requires more mana than teleportation but is still relatively low for him.

  • Berseker Spawning

With a few minutes of preparation the Lycan is capable of preforming a ritual that creates his special race of were wolves out of the earth and darkness, he's capable of creating hundreds at once in a single ritual but no more than that, he will have to do the ritual again should he want more were wolves.

  • Mystic Shield

While Omega's Mages have the Mana shield he has the Mystic shield which is millions of times more powerful than a Mana shield coming from a veteran Lycan mage, his shield also lasts a hundred times longer than the standard mana shield at the expense of nine tenths of his mana supply (With runes of neither world he can cast this with out consequence as it increases his base mana supply significantly and the rate of regeneration significantly) he can also cast this upon allies to make them nigh invulnerable.

  • Lycan's Fury

Probably one of Omega's most dangerous spell augmenting abilities, who ever he casts this on whether it be he himself or an ally (at the expense of one tenth of his mana) said being will triple in height and all physcal stats will be thirty times their base or current value, the only con about this powerful attack is the users focus and sell control is decreased by 1000% turning them into a blood lusted killing machine for the next five minutes until the spell wears off.

Unique Powers

  • Precognition

Omega is capable of seeing brief glimpses of the future however since it is constantly changing it's not 100% accurate all the time, Omega has to consciously think and focus to glimpse into the future he can do this several times but the more times he uses it the shorter the glimpses are which are at maximum over sixty seconds long and in his mind they last that long but in the real world it's instantaneous.

  • Fabled Warrior

Blessed by an Abstract being a Omega was gifted with a extremely powerful and unique gift bestowed by few within his first year as a Lycan, the power of Age Empowerment this with is Immortality made him more powerful each passing year and when in combat his physical stats steadily increase until the battle is over, currently Omega is 200,000 times faster,stronger,durable and has more stamina followed by a more powerful healing factor so to sum it up he's 200,000 physically superior to a generic Lycan at peak physical stats.

Last Stand Armor

"Enough games, time to end this"

The Last Stand Armor is the most powerful piece of equipment Omega has, it boosts his stats to legendary status where he's capable of doing feats people thought were only possible in stories, (enhanced speed,strength,durability, and more are the stat boosts) the suit to Omega is like MJOLNIR to Thor (It's around the equivalent of Uru but slightly more powerful). The suit is capable of creating arrays of weaponry out of itself (similar to a symbiote, think carnage) each weapon will adapt itself magically to help Omega.


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More complex description of powers


Andrew has the power of biological manipulation followed by ALL its sub-powers/possible applications, this includes the abilities to heal others or even create diseases and such, unfortunately Andrew does not use the full potential of his powers but has shown to use a portion of his full potential when his usual combat strategy doesn't work.

Andrew has mastered some of his sub powers and thus uses them more than his others, he excels in using the following

The third most used power Andrew has, he's mastered creating organic constructs out of his body with in weeks of being born, he is capable of turning his entire body into a weapon...he can create whips,maces,axes,swords,shields,spears, even cannons, this works by Andrew using manipulating his cells and even DNA

Unknown to most besides his creator and a select few others, his DNA by default is 90% human and an unknown 10% of some extraterrestrial creature....this is where the source of Andrew's powers come from that 10% is just enough to change his DNA to anything he could think of and can only be limited by his imagination and size.

with the ability to change his DNA he can shape shift into other creatures, when he shape shifts into a creature he copies their DNA down to 99% practically becoming that creature....with that said the ability to change his genetic structure he can create his organic constructs to be even as strong as adamantium....Andrew can also produce projectile spikes sharp enough to pierce tungsten with no effort or thin silky webs that can hold a hundred tons for many hours and even spew acid that can melt objects down to a molecular level (remember folks he doesn't use all the potential of his abilities he keeps it simple unless the situation arises where he will need to mix things up a bit)

Andrew's most used ability, Cellular Regeneration at incredible speeds regardless of the physical damage...for example Andrew is capable of healing from several bone fractures including such like Femur,Skull,Ribs, literally in moments and his ability to heal is so advanced it's mpossible for him to die of blood loss

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