The never-ending circle of comic book life.

The immanent DC reboot has stirred many passions and opinions from everyone within the comic book world. The change, the biggest and most wide stretching for some time will expunge many of long-standing status quos of the DCU, most prominently the marriage of Lois and Clark and Barbara Gordon’s role as Oracle. What I have come to think though is that this example of change has become almost fundamentally inevitable.

Change within the comic book worlds of both Marvel and DC seem to come slowly if at all and the characters have physically endured long after even some of their creators. Our fathers and even grandfathers would have read Bruce Wayne as Batman, Peter Parker as Spider-man and so on. It seems that the popularity of the characters that many generations have come to love have caused them to become permanently fixed. I don’t know what the original intentions of the founding writers of comic books were when it came to the long term future of there creations, I know they were primarily concerned with just making a living but after it became apparent that they were on to a winner did they ever foresee a natural end to the lives of the characters with successors in mind to take there place?

Dick Grayson and Bucky Barnes replaced their mentors but momentarily in comparison and the established order swiftly returned into being. Is it the company nature, knowing that these ‘properties’ have been and are lucrative so little change is allowed to stick or could they just have possibly run out of ideas. I personally doubt there is a lack of ideas. But could it simply be the love for the characters, wanting to read the legends that have endured beyond wars, social change, political divisions and the decades themselves the few constants in a world of constant change. Growing up reading a character or volume and then going on to work on them almost always comes though honestly as a fulfilment of a dream for an artist, writer or whoever is interviewed at one of the many conventions covered over the year, that wanting to be a part of the legacy be it creating or simply reading, the ‘I was there when’ kind of thing that connects fans from all decades. 

I would imagine the cycle of reboots will go on well beyond this and within five to ten years from now it will be a distant memory (and possibly a few other reboots behind). I personally can’t see this ever ending but don’t necessarily see it completely as a bad thing, it is indeed frustrating seeing characters and stories you love being written out of continuity for a fresh start but the fact that they no longer matter in relation to the current direction is really irrelevant, if they were enjoyable at the time and stood on there own merit then they will continue to do so.

I haven’t read many other blogs on the subject and the only real news I have acquired about the reboot has come from the news posted here on comic vine so I do apologies if this seems similar to anyone else’s blog/ thread on the subject, just some ideas I’ve been kicking around.

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Just trying to understand why it happens and the reasons for it.