The Doctor Who In Comics exhibition

Doctor Who comics for a long time were relegated to the pages of Doctor Who magazine (where they are still in print today) but they began with TV comics back in the 1960’s. Bar the 1985 run that lasted for twenty three issues and had the likes of Dave Gibbons working on it and the Doctor Who Classic Comics that was a sister publication to the main Magazine and complied who comics from various publications The Doctor would not be seen again in his own ongoing for many years but with the return of the Series in 2005 new adventures began under IDW publishing in 2009 under the tenure of the Tenth Doctor and would undergo a regeneration all of there own upon the arrival of the Eleventh on it’s pages in 2011.

 Classic art from Doctor who Comics from the 1980's will be on show

Although they have never really been at the forefront of the comic book industry Doctor Who comics have been popular enough to endure over the decades and during ‘the dark times’ of the original series cancellation in the 1990’s served as the only form of telling new adventures of The Doctor who at the time was in his Eighth incarnation. With this the Cartoon museum in London is having a special exhibition titled Doctor Who In Comics (1964-2011) that will be spread across several galleries and according to Curator Anita O'Brien there will be:

There will be about 90 pieces of original Doctor Who artwork including work by Dave Gibbons, John Ridgeway, John Canning, Adrian Salmon, Barrie Mitchell, Martin Geraghty, Ben Templesmith and Mark Buckingham - and many others - many of which will never have been displayed in public before.

Doctor Who in Comics (1964-2011) will run from 27th July until 30th October.

Details on main website found here.

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