Spider-Man and Batman fight for the USA

A new data survey has reported that Spider-Man is no longer the favourite superhero of the US if sales are anything to go by:

Spidey's sales have begun to wane. Since 2010 comics featuring Batman in the title have sold more than those featuring Spider-man.

2012 saw 4.5m charting Batman comics being sold compared to 3.2m Spider-man comics. This represents a fall for Spidey from a height of 5.7m in 2002 - the year that the first Spider-man movie featuring Tobey Maguire was released - compared to 2.2m Batman comics.

Admittedly the correlation between comic sales and actual popularity has always been dubious, but its almost always fun to see a graph.

Source and interactive graph.

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Posted by Decoy Elite

Spider-Man forever! I won't give up no matter how pretty your graph is!

Posted by Strider92

Wait Spider-man has a higher overall gross than Batman!? When dafuq did that happen? I always placed him behind Batman and Superman. This chart seems to show differnetly.

Posted by RustyRoy

Love Spidey but Batman is the Best.

Posted by Strongarm

Well I guess the death of peter parker didn't make things better

Posted by TDK_1997

He is Batman.What do you expect from him?! :D

Posted by Veshark


You would think that the recent Spider Man movie would come with a rise in popularity.

Posted by dondave

Doesn't Batman appear in like 10 books monthly?

Edited by WaveMotionCannon

@dondave: this.

Spidey has what? 3? SSM, ASM, and what else?

Posted by Strider92

@wavemotioncannon: He's only in SSM and Avenging (Avenging soon to be replaced by Superior Team-up) at the moment.

Posted by Guardiandevil83

Nooooooooooooo..ah well I guess that's that.

Edited by Omega Ray Jay

I was very surprised by these figures also. I recommend checking the source out and seeing other books in comparison.

Posted by SandMan_