An Expanding Universe: Why I don’t mind The Phantom Menace.

Ok now before I begin I must clarify that The Phantom Menace does have its bad points and could have been a substantially better movie however the grievances I and many others have about the script, certain actors, direction etc. aside I’m going to focus on the positive elements. Having always been a fan of Star Wars as a kid (obsessive one might say) the joy of seeing more of that universe was and still is one of the main things that draws me back to the prequels. One of the few things I really love about them is the art direction and the people that made the worlds as vivid and interesting as they are, but it was also what you didn’t get to see that intrigued me the most, the galaxy far far away suddenly did feel like a much bigger place. 

In the years and subsequent two films that followed there have been many more characters and worlds reviled thanks to various Dark Horse comics like Empire, Rebellion and most recently Legacy but it was in those early days that I was captivated by three stories. Having always been a fan of comics, mainly Marvel thanks to the cartoons of the 90’s and some that I had acquired from my older siblings it came to my attention recently that it was three Star Wars stories that really ignited a love for comics admittedly the fire had been started by the Secret Wars collection which I still hold dearly to this day, it would be Star Wars: Outlander, Darth Maul & Jedi Council: Acts of War that made me fully appreciate the power of the comic book, I would re-read these three stories and even re-enact them with the numerous figures I had for hours on end. 

The Outlander

Star Wars comics have always seem to me to be off in there own corner in the shadow of the larger names and brands, this could just be down to my own perception and so I will willingly change that if directed to information otherwise but I think they have there own merit and qualities that are sadly overlooked by many, one of the strongest elements of both trilogies has been in the inclusion of intriguing background characters, the protagonist of Outlander Ki-Adi- Mundi being one such Jedi that quickly became one of my favorites once he was given the chance to shine in a decent story and Micah Giiet from Acts of War, a Jedi Master never seen on screen but also one of my favorites.

In all it may have been a lacklustre film that was never going to live up to the monumental expectation but The Phantom Menace is responsible for being the catalyst that delivered me some of my earliest and fondest comic book memories and for that I am thankful.


Posted by IrishX

The only star wars comic I have is the Darth Maul TPB but eventually I'll most likely get some more.


Sometimes expectations are too high and sometimes people are just too critical and don't have the ability to just sit back and enjoy something. The Phantom Menace to me is a movie that I just enjoy because it is Star Wars and I can enjoy seeing a young Obi-Wan, Liam Neeson as a Jedi!, and thanks to Ray Park for bringing us Darth Maul.

Posted by Amegashita

  I really like Star Wars, especially after I watched the documentary, Star Wars:  The Legacy Revealed.  In fact, when it comes on today on History International, I'm gonna watch it for the umpteenth time, because it just adds a whole new level to the story.  I feel as if the prequels helped elaborate on a story that we may have never seen, but not only that, with the updated cgi and screen plays it made the world of the Force so much more tangible than ever before.

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@IrishX: I would recommend getting some of the Omnibus collections there very good, Tales of the Jedi & Shadows of the Empire
@Amegashita: I'm sure I've seen that one at some point, yeah there is a joy in seeing some of the incredible feats brought to life for example i just enjoy seeing Jango Fett flying around attacking a Jedi on Kamino, just the sight and singularity of that battle is awesome.
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I actually rather enjoyed Phantom Menace. The podrace was pretty exciting and the end battle was nothing short of amazing. I wouldn't have even minded JarJar Binks quite as much if there had just been a little less of him in the film. It wasn't until the second and third movie that I started losing interest, and that was largely due to the uninspired dialogue and total lack of chemistry between Amidala and Anakin. There's countless articles and blogs out there about what went wrong with the prequels as a whole, so I won't get into that, but in a nutshell, as disappointed as I may have been with them overall, I'd still pop any one of them in my DVD player before Elektra.