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@theblackhood: Again movies are subjective, that's your opinion, Only... But In Marvel studios entire run since 2008 no movie were so bad reviewed like Man of Steal.

2013 Man of Steal 56% in Rotten Tomatoes


Marvel Studios Run (MCU)

2008 Iron Man 1 93%

2008 Incredible Hulk 67%

2010 Iron Man 2 73%

2011 Thor 77%

2011 Cap 1 79%

2012 Avengers 92%

2013 Iron Man 3 78%

2013 Thor 2 65%

2014 Cap 2 89%

2014 GOTG 92%

xD You have to be a fool to go off of Rotten Tomatoes so called "review" numbers. Since Superman Returns and even Crystal Skull got higher points than Man of Steel I call it a load of crap to be honest. How can movies like Crystal Skull and Superman Returns get higher scores than Man Of Steel? Those movies sucked harder than anything.

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This is stupid. I'm not a big Thor reader, but I can point out stupid plots when I see em. Why call a girl, Thor? it's a man's name to start with. Second she's called the 'God' of thunder? Shouldn't she be called the Goddess of thunder? Females are never in any text in past present and future in Gods and myth been called a God. They are always referred to as Goddess.

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-.-; Uugghh..... I'm a Batman fan but lately I will say I've gotten bored with Batman. I drooped Eternal and I still only get Detective and Batman comics. I'm not buying any other Batman books now. Sorry DC but for me you are shoving this down everyones throat. It's not that I don't like Batman hell I'm a large fan but it's getting boring now.

Gotham Academy sounds like a rehash of Avengers Academy. and Arkham manor sounds like that Batman else worlds where Bruce is a doctor there as well as going around as Batman (It's an old story hardly new). Sorry won't be getting these. Just sticking to Detective and Batman comics. Even if I am wrong about anything on these two I'd rather just stick with Detective and Batman comics.

As for people saying buy the titles that featured other characters? If you must know:

1) The wildstorm characters books sucked hard. DC should never have put the WS characters in the main DCU. And all the WS characters in the main DCU were pale shadows of what they were in their own universe.

2) If you must know Superman Unchained was one of the best selling Superman books until Jim Lee couldn't be bothard to finish it. Unchained was the best Superman series for a while now it's getting the drop. So it doesn't matter if you bought the series or not.

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I hate Spider-man, he isn't a fun character, he gets people killed just to crack jokes. He complains consistently. He can't take responsibility, which is what his character is suppose to be about but he never does. Sorry I haven't liked Spider-man for at least 10 years and not through lack of trying.

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Cold is pretty cool, but Baz should never had been made. We have enough Lanterns without Baz being around and John Stewart will always be a better Lantern than Baz. Steel and Cyborg need on goings. I could never get into the other characters mentioned. Lois Lane was a fun read, but eh I'd rather have a Superman title over a Lois one.

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Wait what does Earth 2 got to do with prime Earth? and why are there Earth 2 people on Prime Earth? What do the daemonites have to do with Brother Eye if there is any connection to them.

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Ughh... I said this to a Joke to someone who loves the PG character but seriously Val Zod with PG is stupid. Another thing why is he wearing Kal's family crest? He should have his own crest. AANNNDDD another thing. Hasn't anyone noticed how much Val Zod in this pic screams Blue Marvel from Marvel comics? The guys suit mirrors it and Blue Marvel is a black superman in that series.

DC You guys already have a great black Superman in Multiversity/ Earth 23 from President Superman. I love this take.

This Val-Zod as a replacement Superman and his costume is a complete rip off of Marvel's Blue Marvel.

ANNDDD one more thing. I'm not sure if this is intentional but if PG does get with Val Zod, she's really racist/colorist. What PG doesn't like dating people who aren't black? I'm not racist/colorist but that clearly is.

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I don't hate the comic. the whole Relationship that both characters have are.... lacking to be honest. I admit not a fan of this pairing. I read the first arc it's good yes I admit but it would seem that the writer of this book seems to lack what a relationship is. True they work better together but so could a partnership with no romance. The coupling of Superman and Wonder Woman lacks everything. It has zero build up as to why they would get together in the first place.

Even this book, they are suppose to be together but don't show any affection toward each other. Hell even the last issue Supes says "I love you" and Diana only says "I know" if it was my relationship I'd ask her why wouldn't you say I love you too? It seems the love aspect is very one sided in this pairing, almost like Diana can't really love anything in a sexual way between a man and a woman. It's like she's turned off from it and is less human than Clark is. Or Clark loves her in the way between a man and a woman and Diana just loves him as a friend or a person. Thats the vibe I'm getting from Diana.

The comic itself is good, the conflict with the villains all good. But this whole comic was meant to bring about more aspects of their relationship, and really I feel it lacking. You think just because they held hands once in an attack on Zod and Faora is anything? ehh no. Just because they kiss a few times before this series means anything? Um, no. Superman has kissed Wonder Woman, before the new 52 but were never together. The whole pairing feels forced and it feels hollow, like they are together because they are expected to be together. Not because they love each other.

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Ugh They need to put co op in this game. it would be awesome to play as Batman and Robin in the story.

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Um no JL 3000 #1 says all their names in the issue. It's:

Batman = Bruce Wayne
Superman = Clark Kent
Flash = Barry Allen
Wonder Woman = Diana
Green lantern = Hal Jordan

They are all clones of the original Justice league in present time. Though they are all flawed clones, their memories don't match up, their personalities are different and parts of their powers don't work. Superman doesn't have heat vision and Flash can't move too fast or he'd be burned alive from friction.