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@tensor said:

I will go with Raphael on this.

He outclass Robin in Strength,Speed and Durability.

Fighting head on would be in his favour.

Not much in his utility belt that Raphael could not dodge,counter or evade.

The only thing Robin has over him is brains.That would give him a slight edge but not in a random encounter.

I agree on you with the strength speed and durability goes in Raph's favor but as I was thinking on my vote I went for Damian because he has MUCH better equipment. Tasers, knock out gas etc are all stranded gear for a Robin. Skill of the two is split 50 50 where Raph has more in speed and strength but those are none factors if he can't get close enough to use his sai's. Robin can change tactics and take Raph at a distance This would make Raph sloppy as he often gets frustrated when he can't do something, Raph also rely's on brute strength (Big reason why Raph will never be the leader of the TMNT because Leo does use strategy and not just brute strength. This would have been closer if it was Leo and not Raph). This is where Damian's 'brain' comes in to play and uses strategy to win. Raph mainly likes getting in on a fight, Damian can too but thats not his only option so I gave this to Damian solely on these reason's.

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Personally, I was debating for Hit-Girl, and I do not mind that she lost the popularity contest, but it most definitely should have been a much closer battle.

Lol Damian beats Hit-Girl even on paper, not just because of popularity in fact Hit-girl is more well known than Damian. She's been in two hollywood movies. Damian has only ever been in an unknown animated movie that came out this year (Batman and son). Hit-Girl is more popular than Damian is.

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@frozen: Who has Damian defeated by himself? I'm genuinely wondering since I'm not really interested in the character, and have read next to no issues involving him.

Damian has beaten Tim and has even beaten Red Hood Jason Todd.

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@wdw said:

I pick Wonder Woman to win.

This is a General Rule of thumb that also works in the real world. All things being equal, if both opponents are similar in strength (meaning each one can cause damage to the other). It’s always the more skilled opponent that will win.

World War Hulk is massively strong and durable but not much else. I cannot see any possible way Hulk could even lay a hand on Wonder Woman Much less land any incapacitating or disabling blow and forget about BFR since she can fly. In all honesty, Wonder Woman would not even need super speed to avoid WWhulks attacks. She can do it with pure fighting skill.

Even superman had trouble landing punches on Wonder Woman during their fight in Wonder Woman #219(Wonder Woman dodged all superman’s attacks after the initial punch and landed all her counters)

Wonder Woman was born for these types of battles it’s one of her most important claims to fame as a warrior and AMAZON who routinely and purposefully train to defeat opponets who are considered stronger than themselves. Wonder Woman has done just that plenty of times.

In essence

The day Wonder Woman or any WARRIOR class superheroes loses to LESS SKILLED being because they simply had a raw power advantage (strength) is the day she/they ceases to be Wonder Woman/warrior. Wonder Woman does not lose battles like this ever.

From Achilles to Bruce Lee speed and skill always trumps raw power.

How Woman Wonder Wins?

Off the top of my head, since Wonder Woman’s sword is capable of cutting beings like Superman, Wonder Woman’s sword can easily cut off WWHulks limbs completely incapacitating him without actually killing him due to hulks regenerative abilities. She can rinse and repeat as needed. She stays in character and her conscience is clean since she did not have to kill him. This is a way Wonder Woman can easily use one of WWHulks greatest strengths.... regeneration. against him.


Wonder Woman cans easily BRB WWHulk with her flight capabilities or her lasso.

Hulks raw power advantage may not even be an issue since Wonder Woman could simply remove her Bracelets and gain access to all her natural power which by all accounts is much higher than superman’s base strength level. But like I said above she does not need it to beat WWHulk

How can WWHulk Win?

WWhulk would need to outsmart and out fight Wonder Woman in-order to get in a position to BFR, Incapacitate or knockout Wonder Woman, which should prove physically impossible given Wonder Woman’s abilities and speed. Even if hulk manages to tag Wonder Woman he is still not strong enough to ONE shot her. He would need to literally out fight her which is highly unlikely.

Unless WWhulk has some other abilities or powers other than raw strength Stamina and regeneration, he would lose every time to someone like Wonder Woman.


I agree with all you have said but one thing is off and thats her bracelet thing since thats only been a 52 Wonder Woman ability not Pre 52. Still Pre or 52 can beat Hulk both versions can beat the strongest WWH and Hulk fans need to know that Raw Strength isn't the be all and end off of combat. Even more so with people like the Amazons who fight creatures much bigger and stronger than they are.

*Claps* Thumbs up to you ^_^

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I'm not seeing how the fight in sacrifice can be interpreted as a win for Diana

Supes carried her to the sun without her being able to do much of ......anything , then punched her back to earth, despite her carrying Kryptonite

She blacked out from said punch

Then despite throwing the proverbial kitchen sink at him , in her own words all she could do was delay him for a while.

then she went to find Max and cut up supes' throat . That's it. Supes was perfectly fine after( going off immediately to save the world)

all she did in the fight was survive and distract supes for a while, then run

supes meanwhile KOd her briefly.

How is this supposed to be a "win" for Diana?

Superman is > WWH Sorry Hulk fans but it is true. Hulk could only wish to hit as hard as Superman.

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@green_skaar: You're looking into it too much. Yes he'd fight differently yet he didn't react to any of Diana's attacks different he still thought it was Doomsday he was fighting. Blame the writers for that and I'm not an expert in mind control and illusions but obviously you are because you responded with that question. So answer it yourself as you seem to have the answer already my friend.

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@omega_man_: hulk was holding back against sentry, and he did beat him.

Because he turned into Banner and slugged him one? I'd give Banner the win not Hulk by sucker punch.

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@patrat18 said:

@omega_man_ said:

Wonder Woman win's this it's pre 52 WW and she went up against a blood lusted Superman and actually beat him.

He was mind controlled.

He was blood lusted into thinking Wonder Woman was Doomsday who had killed Lois. Lord had convinced him of that. Still he was going all out on her and she still won.

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Wonder Woman win's this it's pre 52 WW and she went up against a blood lusted Superman and actually beat him. WWH's feats aren't impressive enough to stand against the Amazon power house who has beaten Superman WWH couldn't even beat Sentry he stale mated him and Sentry is way weaker than Superman. Wonder Woman didn't win by strength alone but by her wits and battle prowess Against Superman. WWH never fought anyone on WW's level in his run, in speed, strength and battle skill. And also to boot WW has her lasso thats unbreakable I don't care how strong this version of Hulk is he ain't breaking that lasso.

Plus WW has taken hits and even deflected and dodged Superman's heat vision. SM's Heat vision > Hulk's Thunder Clap.

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Sorry to say but those feats aren't that good. 52 Supes has went beyond this. Hell 52 Supes is as close to bronzeage Superman as you can get.

His speed feat moving from Pluto to Earth in the same time it took red Hood and the Outlaws to teleport from Pluto to Earth is more impressive than I.SM's speed feat. Teleporting is instant which is pretty much beyond Light speed Not just faster than light but Beyond it completely. Yet 52 Superman beat them back to Earth.

52 Superman lifted Braniac's ship with Martian Manhunter in the Doomed Story arc the ship was billions times the size of Earth. His strength is a lot more larger than I.SM. He's pretty much Bronzeage levels of strength.

Superman withstood standing in a Black hole when he sent Brainiac through it. People talk about 52 Superman almost dying to a nuke yet he escaped and tanked a Black Hole in Doomed. Mind you he was at full power taking the black hole feat. Where he was beaten to an inch of his life by Zod an Faora before taking that Nuke.

Even with the yellow ring pretty much Injustice Superman is out classed in speed strength and invulnerability.