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Slutty Catwoman #1 0

I was not, and never was interested in reading Catwoman as an individual title, not before new 52, and definitely not during. But apparently there was this huge deal that they were "OVERSEXING" her character and making a "FAN SERVICE" book out of the new Catwoman. I was actually interested to see what the big deal is so I picked the book up.    The book has been out for a while so I'm not going to add spoiler tags, if you feel my review is giving away any crucial meat, please let me know and I'l...

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Spawn Endgame : Volume 2 0

The Story : Continuing from my previous review which you can find here. The story of Jim Downing resumes where it left off. He is trying to figure out how this new power was given to him, why people are interested in him, and who's all behind it. Meanwhile Clown is still gathering dormant soldiers of hells army for his militia, while also playing a two faced role taking advantage of Jim who isn't really aware of his situation or whats happening to him. The book ends with Jim embracing his new po...

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Spawn Endgame : Volume 1 0

 The Story : To keep this short and simple Spawn (Al Simmons) decides he doesn't want to be Spawn anymore, much less alive, alright done.  Moving forward we're in a hospital with some random dude named Jim Downing who wakes up from a coma feeling fit as a fiddle. Someone expected him to wake up, why? It wasn't really clarified but apparently he's important, so some bad guys try to recover him and he turns into spawn as a defense mechanism kills his pursuers then changes back to a human and spend...

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The Haunt Volume 1 0

The Story:  This is a collection of issues 1-5 of Haunt. The story focuses on a twisted Priest Daniel Kilgore and his brother Kurt Kilgore who is a one man wrecking crew/secret agent who is murdered and comes back to haunt his brother Daniel shortly after a recent church confession of his most recent mission.     Kurt confessed to his brother often concerning his missions, his most recent confession was his last. Kurt explains to his brother that he was sent in on a snatch and grab mission to re...

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