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This contest I figured would've had a past winners thread so I could see what previous subjects were picked. But I couldn't find anything of the sort. So I figured batwoman would be cool.  If not just shoot me a PM, I'm rarely on these forums anymore.  I'm not too familiar on the rules either. I'm sure shatterstar can edit if he feels the need. Cutoff date will be 2/16 ladies and gents. 

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cool beans. 

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@Captain13 said:

Yes, yes, yes!

awesome news, one of my favorite purchases. 
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my apologies I don't have anything high res than a cell phone picture guys. There is no way that would fit on my scanner at home. 

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the drawing is at work and my boss made me take the weekend off. going to be really tight to finish the pencils on monday night, won't have any time to do inks or color it like I had wanted to. I'll make sure to link you to the final final versions on deviant art

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@Icarusflies said:

Cooooool!!! I was going to drop this title when Snyder left...but that art is wicked. FINALLY a portrayal of Scarecrow in the N52 that I might not be disappointed by.

Yanick Paquette is also leaving the series on issue 18. I'm really bummed by that.

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I'm in!

I have a whole week and a half to work on this, lets do it.

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@nappystr8 said:

Marvel really needs to strive to keep some consistency in their artists. With double shipping obviously no title will keep their original artist for long, but at least replace them with someone who has a somewhat similar style. I actually like Walt Simonson, but I can't imagine Leinil Yu fans being very happy with this change-up.

Dude I've been reading hulk since Marc Silvestri did it for 2 issues, Whilce Portacio stepped in for 1 issue, Lenil stepped in for an issue, and then two dudes were flipping it back and forth every few issues. I've NEVER seen so many artist changes in one year of a comic book series as long as I have been collecting comics. This is one of the reasons I am not into american comics and more into Manga since I know everything is going to have a familiar look to it.

I was kind of excited that Yu was going to work on the series but I knew in my bones that he wasn't going to stick with the title, the guy is trying to do so much I don't think he can just commit to one thing anymore in his career, he's quickly becoming the new Travis Charest but he actually finishes his work.

If the story is good then I'll continue to read Hulk, I don't particularly care who the artist is, but if I see some bullshit like I did in batwing number 4 or 5 where it looked like a 7 year old drew it. Then it will get removed from the pull list ASAP!!!

- Wayne

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I'm sure nobody else wanted to touch the book...