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I really like the art in this book, sadly I'm so backlogged on it. I haven't read any issue I've bought since 13. Mainly because my comic book store forgot to pull 11 so I had been in some weird time jump when I read 12 and was wondering what in the hell happened.

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wilcats with 5 votes congrats,

egod came close with 4 votes as well as everyone else who participated. great job.

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This is honestly my personal opinion... I followed Todd around back in 1995-1997 to Comic-con to Los Angeles Comic convention. I was the biggest spawn fan, I started late, around issue 30 up till 50. At that point there really was no reason to go back and read issue 1-whatever. And I was an avid fan of his toy collection. I wasted hundreds if not thousands of dollars on all of the spawn collections and a few movie sets.

Spawn could do no wrong back then, and with the money and budget they vested into his film back then, Todd was making things possible for super hero films that no other company had interest in back in the nineties and now we have marvel pumping out some good films and sublets pumping out some bad ones.

I think now, spawn is not really the relevant character over at mcfarlane productions anymore. At least not Al Simmons, I don't think anyone honestly would give 2 shits about a re-write or a re-launch of that particular franchise. Simmons doesn't even exist in the comic books anymore. That storyline has past, and it's not like people are HUGE fans of spawn anymore. I personally can't even read the book anymore. I feel it's best run was up until Al Simmons went into hell and killed Malebolgia, and who knows what the hell happened with Jason Wynn... That's where I stopped reading but I'm pretty sure he got his.

I would be way more interested in seeing HAUNT brought to the big screen, that's the new mcfarlane property that can possibly go somewhere. And I think is really an under the radar book that more people should be reading! While it was nostalgic to get the start from Capullo and Ottley, then shift over to the team they have now which is doing an awesome job.

I really think McFarlane needs to let spawn go as a movie entity. The interest from the public is just not there I feel, but hey Rob Liefeld is working on a Youngblood movie, and I don't even know who's reading that shit...

It's really bittersweet for me as a fan, and I don't see why Jamie Foxx should be involved at all. The acting chops for this should go right back to Michael Jai White imo... He's a great actor and kind of got shamed on that first go around, especially with the white Terry Fitzgerald bullshit compromise McFarlane made.

His desperation to get Spawn on the big screen again is most likely why many studios don't really care to hear him out, especially after how poorly the original film did.

He SHOULD focus more on trying to get another animation series going, Spawn gained a LOT of ground in popularity due to the HBO series from the 90's. And that is the direction he should really approach with that franchise.

Again, from one of Todd's biggest fans in the 90's, not so much these days. That is my honest opinion and would love to tell him face to face if I ever run into him again.


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As you guys can imagine, I hate the hell out of the forum software here, and it's one of the major reasons I don't even post here anymore. So I'm probably going to part ways until the forum software here is updated like giantbombs, either way the vote will last until Friday the 22nd or until a landslide determines the winner. thank you all who participated in this contest. And I'm glad to see so many new faces here sharing their talents.

- Wayne

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you guys have a few more days to get your entries in.

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@LeaderVladimir said:

The cover is a rehash of a scene in Spider-Man 2.

Which is a re-hash of a popular story arc in the comics, which is being re-hashed here. LOL man I want some eggs and bacon, maybe some corned beef with all of this hash.

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I actually donate my comics to a local comic book group now. I just gave a whole years worth of new 52 books, ultimate spiderman, tmnt, and a few other gems. I only keep a few hardcovers and graphic novels that I like. 

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it's madhouse studios, will cop.