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I love how the hulk book seems to be like a new mini series every 6-8 issues. It makes it very entertaining to read. Despite all of the artist changes which normally bums me out. The book makes me laugh my ass off.

"HULK, WORTHY" hahaha

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All Star Western has been a solid book in my pull list, it's one of the few books I was almost certain would get removed before justice league and wonder woman as well as aquaman but to no avail it's been solid as a rock.

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I really want to be excited for this movie.

I'm not.

I AM!!!

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all of these damn comments and not one "STRINGER, WHERES WALLACE" quote... Viners I am disappoint.

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I thought the movie was awesome, didn't read a thing around it building up to the movie. I just knew dr strange was gonna be the bad guy. haha.

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@br_havoc said:

In all honesty they could not of had the Mandarin a big evil villain with out someone saying it was racist. So they made him a joke which I understood why they did it he was rather over the top in the comics.

ok, so it's racist that an asian guy is a bad villain? but it's ok if the guy is american, black, german and so on?

the only reason he's not an asian is, that marvel took chinese money.

You work for marvel and are un-earthing this information? Or pulling deep from the black hole of your ass' imagination?

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I don't care, put it in theaters, and a whole new generation of people will get to enjoy ninja turtles.

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Erik Larsen pitched a huge bitch fit on facebook the other day about this, mainly because of some article that said what other characters should go to other companies lol.

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people get so bent out of shape. I actually did not know the origin of the mandarin, I just know in recent comics, especially the extremis line he looks like jackie estacado from the darkness. When Ben Kingsley got the part, everyone bitched about it before seeing the movie.

I think it was a great utilization of characters not many people know of for the film, iron monger and mr.stain were a great twist to add. I just watched the newest iron man anime and thought that was a great use of characters and names. And the Iron Man movie, I avoided all spoilers to figure out who was who and I thoroughly enjoyed the twist.

When I looked up who alderich was I understand the disappointment of the fans since he is not the same character as the Mandarin.

Other things a lot of people bitched about, the comedy, the blah blah blah, bitching just to bitch. But I bet you they will watch this movie again over other movies if it's on tv, and I bet they'll buy the merchandise, read ironman comics and complain how much they hate greg land, etc, etc, etc.

It seems all people tend to do these days is bitch about stuff. I am glad Iron Man 3 was a departure from the old boring ironman is fighting ironman mantra the first two films suffered from. And I appreciated that very much, because Iron Man 2 for me was a let down, but I still love Iron Man, and the concept.

It's a normal dude, whos smart, a playboy, and plays superhero in his spare time. It's not like it's captain militant iron dude

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This is one of the few books in the marvel universe I never read. Mainly because it was always sold out when I was a teenager collecting comics. Thank goodness for oversized hardcovers, seriously the only way to enjoy a series.