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Oh man, I remember the Big Red Phone lol

First Sara and now Patrick WHY IS EVERY BODY LEAVING!!!!

Who's gonna tell us what they actual think about the comic without sugar coating it now?

Patrick is visiting his parents... he didn't leave Giant Bomb

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I knew this was coming, like the winter...

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I think it would be really interesting to see him as vision. They already have an actor for Thanos, no reason to select a different one.

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I'll pick it up, I haven't seen Jae Lee draw anything since deathblow.

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To be honest they don't need any more iron man films. I've had my fill and I enjoyed them all.

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it wasn't even a forethought to cut half of the books I read off of my pull list. I knew after the initial launch of the new 52 I was going to hate a lot of these books. Green Lantern, All Star Western, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Batman, and incredible Hulk have all been GREAT reads. And I normally never collect DC books, I always buy Invincible Hardcovers to stay current, not interested in collecting it monthly since I donate all of my books after they pile up. No point keeping any of this stuff, digital is going to be the future soon enough. Just wasting space with books that wont be worth much.

Although I'm still hella bitter you sold all of those batman books for 100 bucks and I gave them away lol.

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Not Lex, he's been overdone in both film and TV, and in all honesty I've never found him that interesting as a character anyway.

Super inferior villain.

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I wouldn't change a thing about this movie. I thought it was a fresh breath of superman. I literally said holy f*** and had goosebumps go up my back when he snapped zod's neck. The one thing superman has never had to take into his hands in the books (except alternate stories which people probably equally cried about).

He's just so unbelievably, unbelievable and un-interesting in comic books that his sales don't really match up with his name and place in history. I think it's about time some fresh breath and a different new 52'ish spin has been taken with the movie franchise.

People complained about sim city being boring because they knew what was going to happen line for line. And I think the same can be said for superman, it's boring as hell if every damn superman movie is going to tell the same story.

I've never seen krypton explained the way it was, the way they break down his powers instead of "he's an alien and unstoppable because of the sun" was always just stupid to me. They made Superman more sci fi and less make believe, and it carried the same appeal that iron man brought to the big screen for me.

I am no new age superman fan, I'm just sick of companies trying to make a superhero movie with the same tired old ass story line and it fails in the box office and we get stuck with some crummy ass reboot ever other year. Personally I hope this creative team stays.

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he's not too young?

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It's funny when DC doesn't even get the point of there own characters

sadly it's not. This book should've been cancelled a while ago, I only think they're keeping it so they don't get heat about cancelling another black hero's shine like when the green lantern cartoon or jla or whatever it was stopped using the black green lantern. I've stuck with it for a year and it was a pretty horrible year.