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All Star Western. Although I was trade waiting

damn. =(

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Screened it a few months ago at work so I saw a really rough cut of it, i.e (wolverine origins leak) and my girlfriend and I both thought the film was great. Excited to finally see it this weekend with all of the special effects and music in place.

They filmed a LOT of movie and cut it down quite a few times, so while things may seemed rushed, trust me they modified everything for pacing's sake, some said the first screening they showed was almost 4 hours long, the cut I saw was 3 hours long, so I imagine the final version is shorter and probably flows a lot better.

I do appreciate the added level of espionage and backstory this provides rather than the cookie cutter sin city treatment the first movie with Toby got. I know Avi was saying something stupid like we'll never run out of idea's so spiderman doesn't need to be in any other franchises. (yeah that's why you rebooted this one)

I just hope it doesn't become another hot mess like the first trilogy. Which I adored the first and second movies.

getting back on track. I've read other peoples opinions about it after knowing how it ended for so long, I was in utter shock. There was one thing that bothered the ever living crap out of me, so I hope it was fixed.

It's not a spoiler either, more a simple editing mistake.

Around the end of the movie Gwen Staci mentions to spiderman "Is that Electro" at the power plant as it is experiencing power fluctuations. When Electro mentioned his name to total of like 3 characters none of which were THE NEWS or GWEN STACI and I was pissed off like "HOW DOES SHE KNOW HE IS CALLED ELECTRO?"

We shall see.

- Wayne

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I've been reading this since day one. Animal Man, Swamp Thing, All Star Western have been some of the most enjoyable and consistent great reading since the beginning of the New52.

Honorable mentions to Green Lantern, Batman.

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I think you hit caps lock and typed marvel and let go for the ous.

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I will add it to my pull list and check it out.

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this book is so damn good. I was going to drop it as soon as the artist changes every story arc came. But the writing and story have been ON POINT and I really like the direction of the book. It feels like an acid trip version of the tv show where everything is in continuity but on a whole nutha leva

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@ultrastarkiller: @om1kron: the director want's this film to be more espionage thriller and he thought Caps Avengers costume looked to superhero

Ah okay, for some reason I thought they went back in time, which is confusing given the layout of the original movie and origin. The real question is, will Marvel ever let Captain America : White be released by Jeff Loeb and Tim Sale, I was really jonesing to buy that. =(

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he's in his pre avengers costume. I are confused.

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Love this book, things are about to get real in the coming issues.