Solana City updates 
If any of you guys care to check it out I have posted 7 images all updated from the Solana City comic book I am doing for fun, for leebakerfilms. I try to draw and ink a page or two a night during the weekends. This isn't a deadlined project and nothing too serious so don't be disappointed by the work. I am drawing this all on 8x14 drawing paper. (which is the worst paper I've ever purchased, so horrible for inks, would probably be perfect for stuff like pastel and charcoal.  
pencils and inks... not so much. 

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Posted by tonis
@Om1kron: never a disappointment gazing at your work in any stage of its development.
Sometimes those non deadlined projects produce the most experimental treats. Gotta admit, I knew you already had it in you but it's nice to see these hidden gems that show more sides to the 1 true kron :)
Posted by Om1kron
Posted by tonis
@Om1kron: phew, still soaking it all in, incredible stuff. 
That frame in page one with the tear and the dude turning his back is some classic visuals, well told ;) 
can't wait to see this as a finished product