oh man, I saw a lot of people getting real excited about this Adam Huges piece.   

I personally myself have been trying to expand my arsenal by making a compulsive buy and picking up some PITT pens since I saw he uses them to do some of these with and a lot of other artists I subscribe to. But after drawing a few pictures using them. An example below.  
 I can't quite get that "MONOTONE non obvious marker stroke look, and after reading what Adam used to make the piece above I decided to do a search on COPIC marker since that I don't believe I've seen mentioned on some previous works of his and the other artists I follow. I normally will always you tube someone using something so I get an idea of how they get the result in their piece. And this video below has pretty much answered any questions I had. I'm going to subscribe to her channel and see about picking some of these bad boys up. I would really like to start coloring stuff traditionally instead of with the pc. (which I also learned how to do on you tube.) 


Om1kron's Drawing Materials

Due to my recent blog entry we've gotten a decent amount of participation from the comic vine community to advise on what their vice's are when they're drawing.  
Here I am sharing what my working materials are.  

 Staedtler : Pigment liner pens, lead holder, sharpener, eraser, mechanical pencil | Faber Castell Pitt Pens | Sanford Kneaded Eraser
So for those of you who were interested or may be curious as to what my arsenal looks like here it is.  
Now before I get into this I just want to say in my defense I bought this turbo eraser off of the recommendation of J Scott Campbell. He swears by it, I dunno what kind of paper that guy draws on. But if you're drawing on any thin or rough paper this thing just smears pencils EVERYWHERE. I actually have used it twice and hate it. But I paid like 12 bucks for it so I'm inclined to keep it.  


The Staedtler mechanical pencil (.05mm lead) is pretty neat. It's got a nice rubber grip on it which you should be able to see, and slightly above that is a revolving lead selector. It doesn't mean that the pencil can carry different types of leads or anything. But say you had a bunch of these you could indicate what type of lead you have in the pencil as a reminder. I think most off the shelf lead you can buy is medium which is like HB lead.  The selector has the following lead types available on it. (H, 2H, 3H, F, HB, B, 2B) Now where to find these different hardness/softness leads are a GREAT QUESTION lol.  
Just in case you're curious I nabbed this from some random wiki link on the web.  

In order, the leads are (from softest to hardest):


HB is the most commonly used lead for general purposes. The softer leads are used for art drawing, the harder for fine ledger work. 

Staedtler Lead holder

This is mainly used for drafting, and above is is how you sharpen it. It's basically what it sounds like, a huge mechanical pencil body that holds a stick of lead commonly found in regular wood pencils. This is great for saving tree's and not having to deal with shavings. Normally the sharpener has a little cotton/cigarette type looking thing in the big circle under the logo. When you sharpen the lead stick you poke it in there to clean the shavings off of the pencil ensuring you don't smear lead dust on what you're drawing.  you press on the thumb button on the pencil (the lead falls right out, so be careful.) over one of the little holes under the logo on the sharpener. (The one on the left is for NEEDLE THIN pencil tip, the one on the right is more like a rounded sharp for layouts and such.)  
The reason why I love the lead holder so much is because it makes my line work SUPER consistent, like if I want to detail something I can't do it with the regular mechanical pencil. Cause if you've ever drawn with one you know that it gets like horizontal flat spots after a while or even worse the lead is crapily compressed and it breaks or drops dust on your paper that smear when you try to clear it off.  The lead holder I can just keep sharpening it and sharpening it and maintain sharp lines (obviously requires a steady hand haha.)  
Now for those of you curious as to how I ink my pictures I will let you know right away I am more of an "ON THE GO" artist, I don't have a traditional art desk anymore or any vast array of materials. I just like to pop something out really quick and be satisfied with the work.  I have used brushes and india ink but it's WAY too messy for me and it's not really "TRAVEL" friendly, I don't know if any of you had a bottle of india ink burst in your art bag\satchel\portfolio. But it's pretty heart breaking. And it stains 10 times worse than a sharpie.  


(these are the disposable versions of their 150 dollar steel tip refillable ink set. And example of what I did with a set of those before they were stolen : *SIGH*) So on the left and I've given examples of the line thickness this things pump out, if you cant see in the picture the sizing ranges from 0.1mm, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm The 0.3mm is probably used to ink my whole drawing, I normally have to buy a lot of these and the 0.7mm for fills. The 0.1mm is great for doing eyeballs or anything that requires like clean inking. I will throw a video together of me using them to ink my Ultron submission for Artist Showoff #66. However that will be well after the contest, my entry will be in pencil as usual.   
This is a great example of how tight you can keep the inks to the original pencils using that 0.1mm pen.  

These things are great for people who would love to start inking their own work but are intimidated at trying because you see most professionals will use brushes and quill pens. That's great for them, but it's not that easy to just ink with a brush. You pretty much are WATERCOLORING with permanent ink. Speaking of which.  

Gelly R@ll MEDIUM

This is a cool little pen, it's white gel ink. So you can layer it on top of itself after the first layer dries, this is just to clean up something your ink might of bled onto where the details needed be tight. I actually used one a lot when I originally drew this picture.  You can go back over deep blacks and breath a sigh of relief when you're not trying to ink your drawing the opposite way (keeping a tight hand with your blacks to create white lines like that lol.) 
SATAN for Fortune & Prophet


Now I recently was put onto these Pitt Pens, it appears a lot of artists I follow like Alex Huges who btw absolutely LOVES these things. and I can see why. I've noticed a lot of artists have been doing grey scaling on their own inks or pencils with these things. It's basically like a sharp tip felt marker. So I wanted to give them a try, I really have only done like two pieces or three pieces of art with these as an Experiment. I think they're great, if you got a steady enough hand you could get away with inking with them. My hand is pretty steady, but it's not that steady.  
Here are a few examples of what I drew with those pens.  

I think the only one I COMPLETELY drew with these is the Ulik drawing, the rest were mixed, the hawkeye/thor amalgam was using the gelly pen, the ink pens, and the pitt pens. All in all I would like to do some more ink work involving these.   



Sanford Design Kneaded Eraser

I love this eraser for so many reasons. I've tried everything from the pink erasers that normally RUIN your paper. From that sex toy eraser above J.Scott Campbell recommended (never listening to him again.) those light brown gum erasers that break into a million pieces when you try to erase anything with them.  
These are awesome, they never wear down and all you have to do to clean them is stretch them out and fold them over like pizza dough, these things will last you for YEARS. literally they don't deteriorate or disintegrate, it's paper friendly. and wonderful when you need to erase sharp spaces you can mold it to be the eraser YOU NEED and seriously I think everyone should own one. You will never use another eraser again (unless you use photoshop to do you inks or drawing.)  
I've also used photo shop, done watercolors, etc. I have no preferences when it comes to those and it's not really a forum for me to be showing off my art but just to show you what I use.   
 When it comes to drawing paper I tend to use any decent quality bristol board if it's something I want to keep or put some effort into. I most likely will NEVER use printer paper for something I want to get really involved in because it's normally recycled paper most of the time and not high quality and can't stand up to the abuse of erasure. The drawing is the easy part but if you want to do anything else with it it's impossible.  
Anyway I hope this helps any of you guys out there who are drawing, not everything is use is "THE RIGHT THING" everyone has their preferences but from years of drawing and drawing on the go, this is the most portable arsenal I can take with me anywhere and grind out some art.  

Drafting Dots 

Another neato tip I picked up back when I actually had a desk I drew at and had it angled properly so it wasn't flat was to use drafting dots to hold my paper up in place, this ensured I wasn't using my hand to hold the paper up (which can add moisture to to the artwork, or your hands could be dirty and mess up what you're working on.)  

 example of drafting dots
A good way to prevent this is to use Drafting dots. They're like stickers kind of but the glue on them wont ruin what you're working on nor leave any residue, it's mainly just an anchor for your art paper. I went through BOXES of these things back when I had a drawing desk. It freed up a hand to hold something else (get your head out of the gutter) you can also use them to hold a piece of paper in place if you're trying to trace something by folding it over the edges (top, bottom, right, left) of the original and transfer media.   
I'll try to think of more things that I can add to this list of things I have used or would recommend trying out.    

Anyone into Anime or Manga

I know this isn't anime vice, but I was wondering if any of my fellow comic viners were into anime and if so what are you watching or reading right now?   
Here is my Anime Watchlist over on Cruncyroll. It includes what I watch @ home as well as what I catch when I'm on the go.  
For Manga I am reading Katekyo Hitman Reborn since I had become current with the anime a few months ago, and then got the sad news that it ended after the  Millifiore story arc.   
I also read Naruto Shippuden, as the anime is always filled with fillers and then sprinkle bits of the actual comic book storyline in there. So I want to make sure I enjoy the RAW story while also expanding the experience.  
I really want to get into one piece but jesus the comic is at issue 600 and the anime is around 400 episodes. And of course it's not available on crunchyroll.  

- Wayne


What are your bad drawing habits?

What are things that you catch yourself doing when you draw that you wish you could change.  I don't necessarily mean your style or your execution. More like how clean your work area is, what materials you use and wish you used instead, paper, posture while drawing, etc.  
For me when I first started drawing heavily is when I was in school. I would always pretend like I was writing notes in class laid back while trying to draw. The paper was kind of at a A angle.  

So when I drew pictures it looked proportionate to me leaning back, but when I stood the picture up everything had like the opposite foreshortening and all of the proportions on the characters were off.  
It's like something I couldn't stop doing for the longest time.  
Also when I used to crosshatch everything and it's mom, I never really blended the crosshatching in any way, and when I tried to it looked like a mess.  
I eventually was shown by a senior colleague how to do crosshatching properly and that helped a lot. But stopped using it so much because I noticed digital coloring was doing all of the work for sub par artists in the comic books I collected.  (Travis Charest and Greg Capullo however still drew how they drew which is why I love them.)   
Basically on the left I was hatching but I was doing the strokes from all different directions and one thing that helped was to do the strokes starting from the darkest part and letting up towards the lighter part. And controlling my pen pressure.  The second I picked up from Travis Charest as I saw it more in his art was the curved strokes to diversify the shape of my lines. Last but not least where you really need to make it dark you just make long lines.  
(assume these are going upwards and overlapping each other) 

and just darken the smallest set of lines and you will have the result on the right.  

Here's a quick example (using a pen and printer paper. gah)  

The most recent vice of mine which I haven't been able to shake in the last 19 years of drawing is I SQUINT while drawing. Like I have to turn my assassins creed eagle eye on to draw pictures or something. and while this does nothing much but enforce that I will have wrinkles on my face. It also makes my vision VERY blurry when I try to look at anything else besides the drawing.  
 Inferior Ego Eyes
I really need to stop doing this, but I get so caught up in my work and have this intense vision that I only notice I'm doing it when my face starts to hurt.  
So I've shared a few things that I catch myself doing I wish I didn't do or improved upon. What are your vices when it comes to drawing and what would you like to try and do to break the habit or learn something new?  
- Wayne

Artist Showoff #64 Purgatory Critique

I normally offer an artist critique not to influence the voting in the threads but to help the fellow artists of comic vine out with things they can improve in my opinion. My opinion isn't expert and means didly squat but some artists on here feel otherwise. I know critiques helped my art a lot and wished I received more of them myself.  
I'll start with the first Entry from 


I think for the most part everything looks good, the only problem I have with the image is that it looks like a copy paste deal. where the model was done on one window, and the background on the other and then merged together. To really pull this off and make me think this is the same drawing and not two separate drawings is light source. If you look at the boots you will see the flames behind her showing highlights on the floor. Maybe create a third layer for shadow lighting and create a believable shadow that she's sitting in front of fire rather than floating in front of it.  
Other than that, great job.  


I think what you did was great, you played around with the costume a bit and made the image your own, one thing that will help you greatly with your anatomy is not being afraid to draw through the torso. This will give your image believable limbs. The right arm in the background (on our left in the drawing.) It clearly looks like it was drawn after you did the torso for the subject. There is nothing wrong with that, this will just help you create better anatomy for future drawings. Great job 


Bitchin' atmosphere here, I'm digging the cryptic rocks with lightning flowing through them. Although some science nerd will be like "OMG NOT POSSIBLE" it's still cool nonetheless haha. I like the coloring mainly because it stays true to the style the books came out which was like a monotone old dungeons and dragons kinda look and not some anime knockoff paint with shit-loads of highlights. anatomy is pretty decent, pose is believable. Hopefully others agree and give you some votes.  
myself :  
I don't really critique my own art... I probably could've done a better job but again mechanical pencils on printer paper at work and an hours time. Not exactly the mona lisa here.  


Aint nothing wrong with using a photo reference, regardless of what you felt. As long as you own the image and make it yours, tons of top comic book artist do this ALL THE TIME, and there will be some nerdy fanboi on the net that went OMG JIM LEE used a swimsuit illustrated book model for the xmen bikini issue or some retard psycho stalker ish deal. You get my point.  
I normally use my cell phone and take a picture of myself in certain poses or my hands grabbing things to make sure my anatomy is believable. you can practice and practice and practice all you want but it's hard emulating the real thing without exaggerating it to where it's believable. With that said I think the coloring job is a bit too Disney for my tastes. I dig the wings and the thick lines and it makes for a great animated version of the character. Definitely a good job either way!   

Michael the Fly  

Anatomy is my only gripe, and it's hot in hell, how is she going to have erect nipples man haha.  The GARTER or panty strap or whatever the hell you want to call it is kind of horizontal when it should be more like this slash \ and her legs don't really meet at the same butt.  But other than that it's a pretty creative pose, I like the skull shoulder pads, nice touch.  


I dig this... this was my pick mainly because of the way you did your shadow work, I also tried to add in some of those little lines to break up bulk shadowing like you did on the leather boots.  The pose is good, and the change of costume is pretty good as well, I think a lot of comic book costumes are fucking retarded and this is one of them. "I'm a devil in a bikini" but hey people like the character and the comic so that's there problem.  
I like the hip snuggie. I think you did pretty good shadow work here on the flowy skirt part of the drawing but up top on the torso that hard line going down when you got the fabric folding here and there on the sides creates the perception (from my perspective) that her body was shadowed in or you're trying to show me her torso lines through the fabric. Which in this case it's not really necessary. You could erase those long vertical shadows and probably do an accentuated shadow to hint she's got some melons under her shirt but thats it and it would convey the same thing.  
again my opinion only. Not too keen on your wing placement but again overall I think it works as an image.  


Straight to the point!   - I guess if I was to give some pointers in drawing boobs it would just be to follow simple anatomy left boobie(our right) starts on the chest not the arm. Right boobie (our left) is a part of her shoulder, think water balloons.  


This is pretty bitchin' it reminds me of another artists work i've inked before "your drawing style"  pose is very good, anatomy is really good. Overall the picture is really good the art style is fitting to the contest and hopefully the other comic vine members feel the same.  


I like your pose, the image is cool but the purple background is killing me. It looks like you did colored pencil then edited the image in photoshop as well afterwards? Sometimes less is more my friend. A for effort, I would've preferred to see this in it's non digitized state.   

Day Walker

I love this one dude it makes me lol real nice, she's got a look on her face like she just ate the biggest carne asada burrito on the planet and she's full. I know that's probably not what you were shooting for, I hope you don't take offense in any way. Sometimes peoples poses make me think of totally unrelated crap. Overall I think your image is probably the best executed given the subject matter. I voted for Nathan over everyone else because he wasn't afraid to change the costume of the character completely. Otherwise you pretty much came in second imo.  
Make sure to place your votes if you havent.

Things that bother me as an artist.

I normally ink a lot of my own work, it's a tedious and lengthy process, just as it was illustrating it, because you have to cater to each line while adding a small flair of your own to it while not modifying the original artists work.  
Anyway I used to ride the Train to my old job and carried a sketchbook with me to draw in to kill time, so I drew this picture while riding the train, while working on details (cross hatching and the other hatching style you see.)   

I started to learn how to digitally color with you tube videos, and I liked the pencils so much on this piece that I didn't want to ink it. Normally when this situation happens you can buy a spray that sort of laminates the picture without making the paper glossy, so if other people handle the image they wont blur or smudge your pencils. I didn't spray this piece with it and of course it got damaged. I want to color this and even did a color guide for it sometime last year when I drew it.  
And so now I am inking the image, I'm a little mad about it but I just can't do the colors properly because there is too many damaged spots in the image.  
 Now you can see between this image and the one posted above how it's more faded and the upper hatching in the corners is smudged. This is what angers me the most is that just a few simple (oh let me check that out) encounters with others hands have ruined the pencils.  
Sigh... It's going to be a bastard to ink too because it's on porous water color paper. 
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