Digital Coloring process

I'm not going to go into how to prep your work for digital coloring or anything like that. plenty of tutorials online for that if you would like me to point some out I will. I found some good ones that work best and are minimal work and produce a better end result. This is the first of a series of videos I will post just going through my creative process digitally coloring. I am an amateur not a professional by any means, I'm a viner just like you guys. It just so happens I had a bit more liquid cash to blow and spent it on this.

At about 3:49 I mention something about the selection tool. What I meant to say (sorry it was like 4am) that when selecting an area like I had done to color the background of that area I already had the ladder and rails surrounded by my pen tool path so that area wasn't affected by my coloring. And when I went to color the actual ladder I pressed (CTRL+SHIFT+I : Select Inverse) which will make the selection tool flip and now the ladders and rails are selected and the background is safe from modification. And that's just a neat trick you can use when coloring certain things without having to re-select everything with your pen tool.


Solana City updates 
If any of you guys care to check it out I have posted 7 images all updated from the Solana City comic book I am doing for fun, for leebakerfilms. I try to draw and ink a page or two a night during the weekends. This isn't a deadlined project and nothing too serious so don't be disappointed by the work. I am drawing this all on 8x14 drawing paper. (which is the worst paper I've ever purchased, so horrible for inks, would probably be perfect for stuff like pastel and charcoal.  
pencils and inks... not so much. 


Inking Video Part 1 of 3 from a Professional.

If any of you are interested in seriously learning how to ink your work or break into comics not all of the time you will become a penciler, but it doesn't mean inkers don't need love to. And where you're possibly a bit weaker in your artistic ability you may find out you really like to ink other peoples work.  
I love inking my own work, it gives it a finished and polished look that pencils just really cannot achieve.  I really want to step up all aspects of my work, I was ignorant when I was younger thinking I knew everything and I didn't need anyones advice. Probably why I do tech support for a living and not drawing comics. You need to empty your mind and take in every bit of training you can.  
This is why I am trying to learn digital coloring. But anyway I urge all of you guys to check out Jonathan Glapion's blog, I am going to work right after this to add him to the Wiki, he does a lot of professional comic book inks and is currently inking Haunt I believe.   
He has his video set to where it cannot be embeded here on comic vine so you'll have to hit his blog up which is linked above. 
 enjoy kiddos.  
edit found his wiki page.


Cintiq Fun

I totally recommend saving all of your pennies for one of these. I'm still getting used to it but just being able to go where I want and work and zoom in as much as I like. omg I am loving it.   


don't mind the fro!!!


I'm happy to say I got my system up and running the way I wanted it to finally. Turns out a stick of ram wasn't seated all the way.  Total memory should be 4062 and available should be around 3900 or so. I ran some more tests and got that fixed.

  I got photoshop installed and let me tell you I'm just messing with setting hot keys on the cintiq.   For those of you familiar with pc's here are the windows experience test scores for my new rig.  It's amazing how hard the screen is and how the pen interacts with it. It's my first tablet, but I'm amazed at how much pressure you can put on those nibs.

Anyway I'm off to play with my green lantern drawing.
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My new PC Build... went from awesome to fail-town...

I posted this on but figured I'd share why I'll be out of commission for a bit.  
Let me start off by saying... this will be long, but I'll try to include pictures for you.

I'm not sure how many of you are techno savy, and I could've very well posted this on other forums that are computer oriented. But Since I have a whiskey media membership thingy, why not use this website and add some content to it. Plus I don't need to hear from all the nerds at hard forum or anandtech why I don't plan on overclocking my computer. I think it's stupid for decent high end components. If it's some cheap ass htpc build, by all means weeze the juice. This is not that machine.

 This is a Lian Li 2100B case. Top flight sound deadening filled case I bought in 2005.

What you're looking at here is my baby eater computer I call GAME OVER. This was probably one of the baddest gaming rigs back in 05.    
where the magic happens 

The specs are

  • MOBO : Asus A8N32-MVP

  • CPU : AMD Athlon X2 4400 

  • RAM : (4)2x OCZ ddr2 pc3200 184pin

  • GPU : ATI Radeon X1900XT 

  • STORAGE : (2) WD Raptors 36gig 10krpm in raid 0

  •   WD 250gig Caviar 16mb cache drive for storage (which died and lost all my files)

  • Audio : Creative Labs SB X-Fi Fatality (not compatible with windows 7) 

  • PSU : Seasonic S12 600w (this is the older model without the detachable sleeved power cables. =( )

 oh yeah

I am still going to be using my seasonic 600w psu(power supply unit), I didn't feel the need to replace this. as it was never really stressed. 
 It was funny at the time

 The reason for upgrading my computer mainly was the components just didn't like windows 7. The graphics card wasn't DX10 compliant or DX11 (direct x) And the windows 7 power settings just disliked my mobo in general. 

I've had nothing but problems running windows 7 on my old rig ranging from needing a boot disk in the drive at all times, to usb not initializing at 2.0 due to a fried northbridge controller (thanks x=roommates.) etc. So it was time to finally set the machine off to pasture. I wanted to upgrade for cheap while still maintaining decent specs if I ever bought a game for this system in the future. 

I just came up on some money and decided to finally get myself a wacom cintiq drawing tablet. (if any of you actually browse the comic vine forums in the artist showoff section you may have seen some of my work.)   

 I had to at least touch it to believe I finally own one of these.

Here is what I came up with for the new system. In a nutshell I just went to and looked at the combo deals they had. I knew I wanted an I-7 processor and wanted to see what mobo's people were buying with what processors. This processor seems to be a popular combo item with the mobo I chose. I ordered the processor separately and last minute on impulse decided to go with the mobo, gpu combo pictured below. I would always get error messages bringing my computer out of sleep mode that the graphics driver failed to initialize. While the ATI X1900xt could still hold it's own and play some of the newer video games out there with high settings. ATI stopped supporting it driver wise last year =(  Which sucks because I could've just bought another one and ran it in crossfire if I needed more power.  
 Asus Fanboi

 lolz make up your mind
  • MOBO : MB ASUS|P7P55D-E P55 - $149 (combo deal)  

  • CPU : NTEL|CORE I7 870 2.93G - $274.99 

  • CPU COOLER : ZALMAN| CNPS9900ALED - 54.99 

  • RAM : 2Gx2|GSKILL F3-12800CL9D-4GBRL - 69.99 (I think they lowered this to 50 bucks and now are all sold out)  

  • GPU : ASUS EAH5770 CUCORE/2DI/1GD5 - $149 (combo deal) review : 

  • STORAGE : SSD 50G|OCZ OCZSSD2-2VTX50G 2.5" - $160 

  • 1Tb WD SATA2 WD10EVD - 79.00   

Upgrade came to about 936.97 before taxes, which isn't too bad. Considering I have a few items I can reuse like my monitor, case, and PSU unit. Spaced out buying the parts here and there which I recommend doing for those of you on limited budgets. 

So I'll be replacing the WD Raptors with the OCZ Vertex SSD Drive, and will probably add another 80 gig drive later on for programs to run off of or use as a scratch disc. Right now I'm fine with the barely used 1TB drive.  

 I've been running these in RAID 0 since June of '05 and they have never failed once.  If one of those drives did fail all data would've been lost on both. 


 I felt so accomplished after screwing this massive Zalman fan on my cpu only to realize I put it on going the wrong direction after I screwed the mobo into the case. *facepalm*

So I get to building this thing and around 5:45am the case is cleaned out, new mobo ram, everthing is all together and installed correctly (notice the cpu fan is clocked wrong.) and as I hit the power button the worst thing you could expect to happen happened.      Mobo clicked, lights blinked, pc wont even turn on to post. Which normally means the mobo is toast. I unplug all periphials and just mobo, cpu, gpu, and click. The CPU led flashed really quick on the mobo but I got no warning lights stating that something was wrong before power up. Just a stand by light letting me know everything is getting power and is ready to rock. 

This was really disheartening since I just built an i-5 system for a friend a few weeks ago and it fired up just fine. I immediately filed RMA's with Newegg for replacements explaining my dillema. The MOBO upon further inspection had a few bent pins on the seat contacting it's neighboring pins. ODD but the cpu seats on these 1136 boards arent like ones I'm used to working with (AMD FANBOI) So I wouldn't of noticed it. 

Sure enough the cpu on the bottom has a burn spot on it. 


All I wanted to do was put this thing together so I can start playing with my new drawing tablet. I finally called it a night/morning around 6:40am. 

 dust can, dyson vacuum, and t-shirt ninja mask still couldn't stop my nasal passages from being raped by dust hidden in the nooks and cranny's of my case. 

 Not to mention all the dust that was in the case gave me a severe allergy attack. I'm still congested =(     Here I am sitting at work getting ready to start the night shift, and all I can think about is standing on top of my desk and elbow dropping this fucking ups box with my broken computer parts in it.  
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David Yardin - Shares how to create a comic page.

I follow a lot of professional comic book artists on Deviant Art, and the friendly and ever so cool David Yardin posted his process on making comics from the thumbnails to the layouts to the penciling and the inking. I'm about to dive in but I thought it would be a great idea to share.  
He has disabled embedding so you're going to have to visit his you tube channel. 
Also check out Davids Deviant Art page while you're at it to see some more of his work.

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