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There is a link to my deviant art page if you would like to check out some of my work. I haven't really been drawing as of late so don't be underwhelmed when you visit lol. I joined comic vine because I saw some cute chick in an ad on giant bomb, turns out she's one of the editors. haha I'm sure most of my nerd brethern are guilty for the same reason.  
I don't really collect comics anymore much less read american comics, everything is catering to adults now and not kids anymore and comics are just too grown up for me. I just want mindless action sequences and bad ass splash pages. So I started reading Manga and watching more Anime instead.  
I still got love for comics, and that's why I'm here but I don't spend any money collecting them, and godamn you Jim Lee for selling Wildstorm to DC only to have them shut the doors of such an awesome company and terminate EVERY wildstorm book I grew up loving. Way to kick me in the nuts broseph!