non-essential yet awesome X-men stories?

This list is still in progress, but this was the stuff off the top of my head.

Please feel free to make suggestions, because I'm sure there's something I'm forgetting :v

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MetH admires How you're sucH a Huge X-Men fan. Really like tHis list but as always a brief explanation for eacH cHoice would be nice. I can't wait to cHeck out tHis list once it's complete.


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@m3th: cool, yeah. I will be doing that, I just wanted to get these down while I was thinking of them, so I didn't forget any of them.

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The Heart of thieves, is the best Gambit story arc of all time. Only 2 issues from the early 1990's, that's a suprise. Nice list though.

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How about first to last from Yost? It's not amazing but it passes the time?

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@time said:

The Heart of thieves, is the best Gambit story arc of all time. Only 2 issues from the early 1990's, that's a suprise. Nice list though.

yeah, and they're both Gambit stories, which surprises me the most. I actually wasn't that into Gambit, when I started reading X-men (which was in the 90's..), so I'm a bit surprised that it was those stories that most stood out in retrospect.

But I'm sure I'll think of more as I go. I've been thinking the first year of Generation X (including Generation Next) should be on there. And X-men: Children of the Atom is from the 90's..

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How about first to last from Yost? It's not amazing but it passes the time?

Like I said, this list isn't done. I would like to have something from that book on here, but it's been a while since I read it, and I want to pick the best parts. Any particular issues that stand out to you?

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@oldnightcrawler: Can't say that there is being honest. Me and yost have a weird relationship.

How about the phlanx covenant? Some absolutely great moments with banshee in a mansion full of phlanx X-men, it was like secret invasion but scarier.

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@chapmar: yeah, when I thought of The Uncanny X-Men #312 - 313, I thought of that the Phalanx Covenant, to which they are basically the prelude. I don't now what it is, but I generally like the stories building up to crossovers or events more than the crossovers or events themselves.

I actually like Legion Quest more than Age of Apocalypse, I think The Uncanny X-Men #300 -304 makes for a better read than Fatal Attractions, stuff like that.

Though, recently that seems to be reversing. All of the X-men books have had great issues since BotA ended, Astonishing X-men had that great Iceman arc right after that awful AoA story, Regenesis was better than Schism, etc..

ANYWAY.. yeah, you're right, Phalanx Covenant was a great story. I'll throw it on.

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@m3th: I'm still up for adding to this list, but how do you think it works now?

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@oldnightcrawler: Add more if you like. THis is tHe non essential list amazing stories. THe more tHe merrier. THis list only sHows tales tHat are AWEsome but not essential. Anyone interested in more stories can benefit from reading tHis list.

THe list so far is beautiful.


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@m3th: cool, I'm glad people are digging it. :v

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Good stuff, glad you put in Phalanx Covenant.

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What about Proteus? I remember you mentioned that one being good. Also, Ultimate X-Men had a couple of good stories near the beginning.

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@ryagan: oooh! good call on Proteus; I can't believe I forgot that one, it's one of the ones that made me think of making a list like this in the first place! it's going on for sure..

Ultimate X-men I never cared much for, personally, although I did get more into it just before and during the time when Wood was writing it (Reservation X?).. maybe I'll give it another chance and see if it grabs me..

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(just wanted to repost this somewhere, figured here made sense)

"if the best thing you can say about a story is that it's relevant, what does that say about the story?

Schism and Avengers Vs. X-Men may have implemented changes that would lead to the directions that followed them, but that shouldn't be enough for them to be considered essential reading. What happened of relevance in either case can be summed up in a few sentences. What should make a story essential is a combination of story quality and relevance, but both are somewhat subjective, and I personally don't see any story as relevant if I don't think it's a good story in the first place.

You can read Whedon's Astonishing X-Men without having read Morrison's New X-Men or even any other X-men comics. I've known quite a few people who started with Whedon and not only had no problem with not knowing who Cassandra Nova was (or what happened to the mysterious Jean Grey, or who most of the characters were to begin with), but still became X-men fans because of it. That's just because it's a good story, not because it's relevant to anything else.

I got back into reading comics with Regenesis, so I only knew the bare bones of what happened in Schism, but it didn't matter; by the time I got around to going back and reading Schism, I just felt like I didn't really need to, since I already knew the results and the story itself really wasn't that great. Then I did read Avs.X before the Marvel NOW! initiative, but the Marvel Now books all started off explaining what happened in that story anyway, so again, since itwasn't a great story in itself I felt like I needn't have bothered.

I guess Battle of the Atom was supposed to be relevant since it crossed over through the four main books, but it wasn't as good a story or use of the characters as the The Arms of The Octopus story that happened at the same time. AotO made me interested in seeing the "O5" in continuity, BotA just made me drop 'All-new.

I mean, there are lots of non-essential, yet awesome X-men stories that are just way better stories than any of the big crossovers or events, and to me that in itself makes them more relevant to what I actually like about the characters in the first place.

The X-men aren't my favorite characters because of what marvel or anyone else tells me is a relevant story, the X-men are my favorite characters because they've been in stories I loved. To me it's just that simple."