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Just curious.. why do people like Genesis? Wouldn't you rather have the real Apocalypse over him?

I'd rather have both, kind of.

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Moira is played by Olivia Williams at the end of X3 and she's about 40. But Rose Byrne's Moira was in her late 20's-30's in the 60's. Oy.

and has gone from being a CIA agent to a doctor.

I'm just going to try to forget everything between X-2 and 'First Class, it's just a better story that way.

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@adamtrmm: you doing another one of these today?

:v I think you should, these are the most fun!

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Everyone is so damn cynical on this site. It's frustratingly toxic. I've been enjoying All New X-Men. Can you say that you have a reason not too? I've never understood why Bendis is everyone's favorite punching bag.

Are you reading Uncanny? Cause that is where a lot of the disappointment is.

I've been reading Uncanny' and I feel the opposite. There's been a few dud issues (12,13, and 18) when it crosses over with All-new', but otherwise I think it's the best X-men book to come out in years.

Honestly the only things I've been disappointed with are that Magneto and Frazer Irving didn't stick around.

I stopped reading All-new' during BotA, so I can't speak to that, but Uncanny' has been solid.

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@time said:

@oldnightcrawler said:

@time: okay, I see what you meant.

and by "young mutants", you mean anyone younger than Gen.X, as in from 2000 or later?

Yes. 2000'S when the X-Men became teachers and it's when Marvel created loads of New mutants.


that was actually a lot harder than I thought it would be..

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I'll miss Dr.Spider-pus, he's been a lot of fun.

But, having the old Spidey back is good too. I'll never complain about him being gone, but he was fun while he was around. I guess I'll miss him more than Peter Parker, but obviously Parker was bound to return.

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@time: okay, I see what you meant.

and by "young mutants", you mean anyone younger than Gen.X, as in from 2000 or later?

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is Hope Summers actually popular? I just don't see it..

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"I don't see how it doesn't. How is changing a costume have any bearing on the character other than the superficial the visual? He would still act the same. People in his life wouldn't think differently of him because he's wearing new cloths.

I just meant that if he were making an effort to re-establish himself among his old friends without causing them any concern, it would make sense that he would wear his most recognized outfit, that's all. Not that wearing something else would be cause for concern in itself.

"Sorry but that first half makes no sense. If it wasn't for the second half I would think you were suggesting he go naked. The second half well if he can wear anything why not change it. I doesn't make sense for characters to go through their time with the same costume in either story or out of story. Hell even Superman out of story is sporting something new."

I should have known that would happen.. I meant that he didn't need a superhero costume, not that he didn't need clothes. it's not like he has a secret identity. And he has had other costumes, just none as good as his iconic original one. I'm not saying I would be opposed to a change, only that I don't see it as necessary.

"So the next one could be really good. Though I don't remember them taking a serious stab at retooling his look for 616 Nightcrawler for keep."

these are some of his other 616 costumes, but his alt-reality versions have fared no better..

this one actually made him look naked..
this one just lacks personality altogether..
watered down attempt to simplify all the best elements out...
again, just misses the point

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looks better than #1

it does look better than the 1st issue, but it has the same problem for me. I'll admit, I'm not a fan of Todd Nauck's surface style to begin with, but it's at least serviceable, I guess. My main issue is with how little is going on in so much space.

The above preview is obviously of 5 pages from the book. That's 5 pages of the story. I thought getting Claremont to write this book would mean we'd get a hearty, satisfying read -you know, like the stories that made Nightcrawler great in the first place. The 1st issue barely felt like a full issue, and it certainly didn't feel like a Claremont story; if anything, it felt like a watered down homage to his own former glory.

Not that he wasn't hitting the appropriate story beats, considering, but it just all felt so fluffy and fillery. This preview, even forgiving the splash title page, looks like 3 pages of story at most, stretched thinly over 5. It's entirely possible that if the story was drawn by an artist who's work actually interested me, I could forgive that; but coming from Claremont it just looks lazy and kind of like a rip off.

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@dernman said:

Nightcrawler should have gotten a costume redesign after coming back from the dead and getting a book in Marvel Now.

What would the point in that be? The whole idea is that he is the same old Nightcrawler, back in a world that has hanged a great deal.

A superficial change of costume isn't going to change the character. Though if we're honest he really isn't. He's died and given up his soul and might be forever banned from "heaven". (him) being the same is just an act and changes he's kept hidden. Plus I'd like for him to find something more aesthetically pleasing. He's needed an update for a long time now and this is the perfect time considering all he's been through.

I totally agree with this sentiment, he's obviously come back changed, and he's obviously hiding it. But giving him a new costume wouldn't really be hiding it, would it? So it wouldn't really make sense.

As far as an update, I don't think Nightcrawler even needs a costume, really; he's distinct and expressive enough you could have him wear anything. But if he is going to wear one, I've yet to see any update of his costume that's as perfect as his original.

Actually, virtually every update he's ever had I've hated, so I don't really see the point, I guess..