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This is odd. They took X-23's relationship with Hellion so slow but now they've got her sleeping with Angle??? Seems very out of character but I get the sad feeling that this is going to happen a lot in the future after Wolverines death. What do the rest of you think?

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Add another point to the X-23 respect thread. The people of comicvine voted for X-23 over Batman in the weekly random encounter fight. I don't know why, but I was thinking Batman's popularity would bet X-23's raw power and skills. HELL YES X-23!!!

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In an endurance fight, always go for the one with a healing factor. Batman is only human and he can tire, but X-23 doesn't. And while Batman my be a master of stealth, X-23's enhanced senses would allow her to track him down.

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It seems to I like this fight is a mismatch. X-Force should be fighting something closer to a street level team. And GotG should be fighting a team with a little more raw power.

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I'm going with X-Force on this one. 3 of 5 members of that team have a healing factor plus Domino's luck equal a win in my opinion. That and the fact that every member of X-Force is a trained killer.

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I don't think she should get her own live action movie, but she could certainly manage a her own animated movie. Who knows, maybe it could lead into a series like with Wolverine and the X-Men but with better staying power. And on a side note, one of the two creators of X-23 is working in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so who knows what might happen.

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If she's not 18 by now, then she must be damn close to it. And if she is 18, and Young Cyclops is 15, then she may find some laws working against her. And I know that in real life this would be no laughing matter, but I still find this whole thing funny as hell.

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While I am interested in who that is when her, I'm more interested in which team she's going to end up on. I know that this is a cover for All New X-Men, but her costume looks like it belongs to someone on the Uncanny X-Men line up. Seriously, she looks like she's taking fashion advice from Emma Frost.

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Money says that X-23 will be a bad guy for this Boss Less nonsense with the use of the trigger scent. Hopefully she can pull through this series and get into something better. And with any luck, this series will come to an end after this next arc.

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Most likely a horror movie of some kind, or maybe one of the Saw movies.