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@Rumble Man said:

The victim are the thirteen deceased and the 59 injured, treat them the way they deserve it

weigh their pain against his petty rights

The dead don't feel pain. Just an FYI. Punishment of criminals, murderers in this case, is for the living. The people left behind.

is probably the only person in this thread with any sense of what justice actually is. Which is ironic, considering this is a forum populated by 'spergies who idolize superheroes.

as for James Holmes, if the kid (let's not forget what he is, here) is found sane, he should get the death penalty. Not some gruesome torture that the plebeian cunts on this board seem to crave, but end it quick and clean. Lethal injection is how that's done, I hear. And for the record, justice is not revenge. Revenge is fueled by emotion, and in the end it's supposed to make you feel better. Justice isn't about making you feel better. Justice doesn't give a fuck how you feel. Justice is the weight of a crime being measured so an adequate punishment is met out. This kid killed twelve people, and injured an additional fifty-nine. Death is, sadly, the only fair punishment in this regard.

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Just looking at one of the Old Ones would drive you insane. Literally. Insane.

Old Ones hands down wipe the floor with anything.

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@DarthTanka said:

So, the way they intent to change the canon Marvel Universe is by turning it into the Ultimate Universe...

When they nuked the Ultimate continuity I would've been okay with this, but considering over the last year the Ultimate books are back to being good again, keep your 616 out of my Ultimate, please.

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@Lvenger said:

I can't believe they forgot to turn the lights on when they were shooting for this poster lol. Seriously it looks good, I'm looking forward to learning more when the trailer comes out.

This is why the comments of "lol dark like batman" puzzle me. It's very, very obvious who they're doing an homage to.

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Man, this is the funniest thread I've seen in awhile.

Brahman for the win. Two-headed cows rock.

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@OutlawRenegade said:

@polo327 said:

I personally loved the opening arc of JL, IMO if they ever get around to making a Justice League movie it should be based on that arc.

Nah, I SERIOUSLY regret buying the hardcover. The writing and pacing in this arc is terrible. The art is okay. Talk about weak characters, plot, dialogue, and humor.... Not to mention characterization that flies against DECADES of story-telling. And if these character's didn't have so much history, they'd be forgettable. Wonder Woman and Aquaman don't do or say much. Superman says like 2 words the entire time... It's just Green Lantern and Batman b!!@&ing at each other for 6 issue minus 2 pages.

I think you're missing the point of the New 52, bro. It was a complete reboot of the entire DC line, and one of the benefits of it is that we can get completely new interpretations and dynamics between heroes, villains, and supporting characters. It also worked, if you hadn't noticed. I and many, many other people have gotten back into DC comics after a long absence. Hell, I'd profess to say that I'm enjoying my DC reading far more than my Marvel reading, which is something I don't think I've ever said in my life. If you don't like Justice League, just don't read it. You don't need to throw fits.

Can you even refute any of the OP's points? If you can't, then this arc IS undoubtedly terrible, and you just like it as a guilty pleasure.

Wow, you're a real asshole, aren't you? I'm sorry to break this to you, but you are not the arbiter of good taste. If you don't like Geoff Johns's Justice League, fine. Voice your displeasure with it. Just don't act like your opinion is the only one that counts.

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So rather than build upon the promise of a truly epic Arkham 3, we're being led to believe that Rocksteady would turn around, take five steps back, trip over their own feet, and face-plant into the silver age?

I get that old people probably like that version of Batman, but that is not the Batman of the Arkham games. Considering the Arkham games are a continuation of the Animated Series universe, why not just keep it there?

I remain highly skeptical of this news.

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@HolySerpent said:

How did he lose his face

This is reaching waaaay back for me, but I think I remember it being implied that the Joker did it to himself while in holding or isolation or whatever. When he then escaped from Arkham Asylum, he left his face plastered on a wall. I don't think it was implied someone did it to him, but rather he was hatching some bizarre, psychotic scheme.

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man, Frank taking center stage in a big marvel event? Count me in. About time someone recognized how great Frank Castle is.

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Considering she was created as a cheerleader for the Joker in a kids show, I wouldn't hold out much hope for writers taking her seriously. 
That said, I grew up watching said show, so it's kind of weird to think of her as anything but the Joker's wacky sidekick.

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