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Justice League Dark is the one to read this week. Lemire has the Midas touch...

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Great artwork. Will definitely buy this! Go Marvel go!

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The Avengers movie is just sooo awesome... If only spider-man will get nearly that good, it will be the best movie-marvel summer of all time. I would love to see a Hulk series by Guillermo del Toro he always has unique ideas and his Hellboy stuff was just awesome. The Punisher concept never worked on screen, it would be interesting to see whether Marvel will turn the tables here... Waiting for the first x-men mainly because of the art, if the script is any good then it may be a very pleasant surprise (though, to be honest, I don't see that happening).

As for Arrow, even though I am a Marvel guy I wish it the best of success, though I think that whether it succeeds or not will fall into the supporting roles hands. Ollie is not such a great character on his own but with other characters he gets argumentative and then the fun begins ( he kinda reminds me of "Joey" in "friends", he needs other people to show part of his charisma)...

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Awesome comic! Romita Sr and Jr's art fit greatly there...

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Great review. Glad I did not buy this book and I don't think I will actually buy any of the Avengers vs X-men series. Marvel making a mini-series just to exploit fights that happen between some of the issue's pages was the decisive factor for me to abstain from reading. Is it so hard to make a simply coherent story these days?

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Thing is I am not buying any of these series. Too expensive and looking pretty much pointless. Maybe will wait for the reviews and if they are unanimously good I will get the books on e-bay, if there is any ridiculously attractive offer, since I avoid buying trades. But right now, it's thanxs DC, but no... (plus if people buy these, DC will incorporate Watchmen in there main universe, where pointless and crappy stories are bound to occur...)

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It wouldn't really be them bringing Coulson back to life, rather having Vision be based on Coulson's brain-pattern (giving him Coulson's memories).

Then again, why have Vision acting with Agent Coulson's memories, when they can try and duplicate the brain-patterns of somebody more intelligent like Tony Stark or Bruce Banner. After all, he's just an Agent, I see no special reason S.H.I.E.L.D would have in keeping his intelligence intact in an android... Plus they have not introduced any of the characters essential to the Vision's background (Wasp, ant-man, Scarlet Witch etc). Without these characters and background the character's story would lose much weight and become your standard Marvel character introduced into a movie "just because"... (a-la x-men 3 way).

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It's been sometime since I finished this mini-series but I highly recommend this to anyone. Great sci-fi theme like Doctor Who with a dark twist and great artists there as well...

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Hi there everybody! My name is Kostas I live in Athens, Greece. I am 30 years old, I work as a part time Spanish teacher and I also study at the university of Athens for my second diploma. The subject is Turkish and Middle Eastern studies (mainly history but also law and society) and I speak 5 languages (Greek, Spanish, Turkish, English and French).

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Don't think they should go for it. He was a great character but bringing back him back could kill off the great tension created in the first film. Him being alive the whole time could do that, too (in my mind it's something likeRocky learning that most of his fights were really fixed, happened in the third movie I think, it just killed off the whole series) . Plus people that don't buy comics will no get the whole idea of casually beating death. One thing that they could do though would be bringing Coulson back after beating Thanos as a demand from him, but that too seems too far-fetched even for a marvel movie.

Bringing back dead characters for no good reason could make them seem irrelevant and arrogant and missing the point they made by being there the first time (hello, "Gray's anatomy").