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Totally agree with Mr Snyder... Batman can do whatever the hell he wants because he is Batman. Superman can also have some fun being evil sometimes...The rest of the heroes should be careful though...

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Mount Moriah: Lament. Really really awesome!!!

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One thing I have to say is that it is boooring...

As for the fights especially in A VS X NOBODY wins... In the second issue Spider-man was fighting Colossus and then Daredevil appeared and they left in the middle of the fight. and that was the actual ending of the thing. (At least I did not buy it hooray for reading stuff in the comic shop without buying them...)

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Well, it depends on the Wonder Woman, the universe and time. Pre-Crisis she had a couple of boyfriends especially after the death of Steve Trevor when she lost her powers and opened that clothes store, because they wanted her to look more human so finding her a boyfriend was what the DC board group thought was the logical thing to do. After she regained her powers Steve Trevor was resurrected btw( and I would vote on him having sex with WW since he has been her boyfriend since well the 40's). There was also a Lois Lane book where she dated superman or something I don't remember the 70's were a hazy time for DC comics.

Post crisis I think they went back to her being above sexual needs and all, like more of a Goddess and less a normal person. I have lost track of that series after Artemis but I don't remember her having sex with anybody. Also I don't know what went on in odyssey and the n52 stuff, if there are themes like sex involved I bet you'll find them there...

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DC is soo second rate, huffing and puffing to catch up with Marvel, even when going for the really, really obvious gimmick. That's why my pull list and even my ebay purchases nowadays are almost 100% marvel/image/indies... I want to like the characters but bad choices in writing, ridiculous editing and supposedly shocking moments that have no meaning at all have killed off the whole thing for me...

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@DarthShap:I agree with keeping a tight continuity among books, I just said that to point out that anything would be better, and I by that mean anything, than go back to the old universe.

That being said I have no problem with books that emerge from crossovers and change or reintroduce characters but I don't like the crossovers themselves. I was never able to even finish reading the original crisis series and Zero Hour was just so awful I consider it to be the paragon of bad comics writing (the JSA dying like that from Extant because they just rushed to get him without forming a plan beforehand was so ridiculous and out of character, still makes me cringe). I think that it is impossible to effectively change a whole universe rules and history on a mini or maxi series.

Anyway if DC falls back into the old timeline it will be the most colossal failure ever, it will make the whole heroes reborn thing look normal...

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I don't see a way that DC will go back to the old universe either. If the DCnU doesn't work as a whole I think it would be far better to use it as a loose canon where continuity does not count and create autonomous titles that could be changed or ended without damaging the whole cosmos around them, which helps since DCU is basically a multi-verse where you can do whatever you want as a creator. They can even separate everything and make their books vertigo style. I mean even rebooting the reboot for a new post 52 universe would look better than doing the reverse move and go back to the old universe which will look like DC admitting they are fools before everybody's eyes. Bringing back the old stuff could be terrible now they tossed them away in the first place.

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I am reading this for the third time now and it's damn good

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OMG!!!! I want these posters like now!!!!!