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Hahaha, why are they putting the old  outta touch guy in charge of the teen books?  

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@noj: I *do* live overseas, it's part of the reason I don't have an LCS I can hold stock in. 
I just don't see how it's really pulling away from LCS, because surely those who enjoy the experience of an LCS will still go to one. We're already paying the same price for a rental non-physical copy, so isn't that an incentive to go to a LCS if you're the type? 
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Nah, get Batman.

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So, the digital distribution thing is a good idea in theory, but why can't we have midnight or even 9am distributions? The comments all say that it's so as to not piss off retailers, but honestly, why are retailers entitled to anything? In the music industry, we see things like albums being released a weekend early for digital distribution, but in comics, Internet versions are up five hours later.  Which of course, is too late for impatient people (and myself included), so the pirates have already effectively digitally distributed before DC can get around to do it.
 It baffles my mind that DC is, for some reason, penalizing those who don't want to go into specialty stores and want convenience? 

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I did. 
It was a little uneventful considering it was THE book launching the entire 'Refresh', I was expecting much more than what it was. The story was a little unexciting standard fare, and while I liked the concept of them getting to know each other once more - most of the issue was just generic banter. That said , I found it mildly enjoyable and I'll consider picking up the next issue. The art was a little busy for my personal tastes, but I didn't hate it.   It was like 7 outta 10 for me, which is a decent rating but not quite the ~ magnificence ~ I was expecting. 

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This is as annoying as I anticipated it being. 

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I'm disappointed at their loss of friendship; I loved the relationship they had. But I guess this'll be interesting.

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I've been treated oddly for being a woman and being a 'casual' when I first started reading. So yeah, the comic store isn't necessarily immune to prejudices. 

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It is really lame, haha. 
It doesn't matter what bs explanation they come up for it, it's just really lame. 

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It looks like a menu screen of a DVD, pass.