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@jumpstart55 said:

" And dont just say  curbstomp give reasons explaining your answer. "

He totally outclasses street levelers and few people give him his due respect
let's change that

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@Dane said:
" I think you'll find that it's the King's English. "
It's the Queen's
George VI is dead and he never fathered a son
When the kids Harry or Henry or bigears Charles whatever you call them step to the throne then everyone can go back to saying "Kings English" and singing "God Save the King"
Until then Queen is regnant overlord
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@rbysjti said:

" Storm can easily dodge any of Darkseid's attacks, but Darkseid won't be able to. "

She is not Batman
and this is not a debate about the DCAU
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@babylinkz said:

" i think the both of them if they get the frist shot in could bring him down quilky if they work together "

First point
Spider sense and his insane reactions - prevents them from landing the first shot
Second point Vixen on a normal level dishes out about 850 lbs of strength she is fast and good and strong depending on what powers she summons but she's still not Spider-Man good. 
Black Canary is simply not durable enough to take any hit at all from Spider-Man, if he's blood lusted he can tear both of them apart
Vixen might have a chance if she amps herself on that Tantu Totem but I don't think she wins, Spider-Man can trade blows with the Hulk...ok soaking blows from Hulk might come with a little PIS but he regularly beats the hell out of 90 ton level heavy weights like Rhino
Canary's scream might put him down but I say Spider-Man's sense and reactions mean she won't get a chance to land a big hit
All Spidey needs do is touch Canary with his little pinky finger and she's KO'ed 
Third point
Spider-Man is playing at home, he can use the turf to his advantage and knows NYC like the back of his hand
For the clear reasons stated
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Apocalypse, pretty lame considering he's been given 3,000 years advance preparation and he still fails miserably

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"  and this isn't most of the time, but when someone favors the marvel character they are called "idiot, fanboy, troll or is told they don't know anything about comics" thats just my honest opinion.  "

  They are just a mob of fanboys
Back in the past some of the vine Mods used to cave into it and get lured into doing their dirty work. The fanboys like Vance or Creator's mob would BAIT and BAIT and FLAME and BAIT some more in all kinds of threads, Starwars threads, Thanos threads, Thor threads, Sentry threads, DBZ threads you name it they flamed, baited and flamed
Then when some one came in and called them out and trashed them with a response. Dozens of them would decend on the thread and throw hissy fits. They would keep flagging and flagging until the Mods caved in and banned people the trolling and bait Mobs didn't like
but now there are enough Mods to police the vine and they have seen through their BS
Lots of Superman fans were already banned
The only reason I ever started low balling Superman or posting "Jobbsersied" scans is because I was responding to idiots like Vance and I was so sick of their BS. They would low ball any character Goku, Wonder Woman, the entire Star Wars Empire it didn't matter Superman would beat them all because the fanboys declared him 'super'
and if you didn't agree they harassed you with vulgar attacks



" there are WAY more Marvel fanboys on this sight and in the world in general "

There are way more Creator Groupies on this site than any kind of fanboy
You can spot all the bashers in these threads with their Creator/Superman avatars, all of them have gone into a sheepish emo state of grieving after Creator exposed himself as an obnoxious troll and quit the vine



" @BatDance:  btw..... Darkseid > Thanos. :P "

  Pre Crisis Darkseid is stronger but the modern guy is a complete embarrassment to Jack Kirby
That's not me baiting or trolling
I honestly put Pre Crisis at Skyfather but think the modern Darkseid is not worth talking about at all
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Beta Ray uses his hammer to open up a portal and dumps all of the team, the 3 are teleported into some weird dimension 
Bill shows his team mates how its done

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@babylinkz said:

" @tensor: oh god here they come, supermans fandoys to the rescue "

  They are some of the most obnoxious idiots watch out for the Creator Groupies
but getting back to the topic for a second I feel maybe Superman should have taken this
Yes Thor might have the better combat skills, and in theory he can own Superman
and yes Thor's hammer might be a plot device able to give you change for a dollar or tell the time or do whatever plot device the writers demand
but its been a long while since Thor actually fought smart and not fought like a beefcake with too many muscles in his brain
Superman I think is gradually getting stronger, he's also significantly faster
Thor seems to have been downgraded and jobs out too much in his recent battles, he couldn't even hold off Sentry or the U-Foes from turning up on Asgard and trashing Thor's house
even bloodlusted and trying to defend his own house Thor still comes off with a record of failure
You can go back and over analyze each statement, each word, each pannel
but Superman won it and that's the way it looked to me 
I'm not a Superman fan at all but Thor just doesn't make the cut anymore

@Neon_Nemesis said:

" The difference is the desk has no magic properties and does nothing, the lightning itself has been referred to as magic and has magical properties  If that desk lands on someone, it would most likely kill them instead of transforming them into an all powerful being "

Still trolling Neon Nemesis?
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@Hellos said:

" Well atleast bills alot better at busting them planets :d "

Bill should take it
 @Dark King said:

" is that part of her CIS i know she has done it twice but is that her most likely attack? "


@Omg chris


" super girl has been tagged by slower people just saying bro and his durabilty is insane survivng black holes and a sun going supernova yeah  "

Supergirl is just not that durable,
especially in a brawl in the middle of space if she's out in space for any long period of time she will get weaker and weaker. Unless Kara is sitting next to a yellow sun she stars to weaken, get cold and maybe even choke and die, and she's even more vulnerable to magic than Superman






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@cly said:

" Goku curbstomp. "

No, I think Wonder Woman can give him a good fight maybe even beat him
She is faster and she can compete with him in skill
Diana also has crazy strength feats
@Xan said:

" Poor delusional  DBTards. "

Stop trolling  Xan
You Creator groupies really need to start behaving yourselves
rude comments are not tolerated here, this is supposed to be a family friendly site