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i think alfred looks a lot like allan quatermain :)

I guess it's going to be a great book...definitely be checking it out

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In my opinion only Alan Moore should have the rights to allow any Watchmen-related stories.

And I don't see him working with DC anytime soon :D

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Damn good article!!!!

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@PikminMania said:

Maybe.. All I know is that this movie will destroy Marvel's Avengers movie.

hell yeah!!!!

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My girl friend started reading watchmen, but it took her nearly a quater year to finish it...

but then she started reading league of the extraordinary gentlemen, and couldn't stop reading.

I think Wilhelmina serves as a great leading female character in a male-dominated book that probably most women can relate to

for the same reason i would recommend Wonder Woman books as well...

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you will always be remembered by your work you've don in the comic book industry, and by the ideas that are still influencing today's comics

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I still have the soundtrack of the opening as a ringtone on my phone...every time my phone rings, i am reminded of sneking by my parents bedroom quietly on sunday mornings to watch Batman: TAS

It introduced me to the characters that got me so fascinated until today....greatest animated series ever made!!!

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I think building a whole city as a prison wouldn't work, because it would have the same problems as a normal prison.

Putting a bunch of criminals together in one place doesn't make them change their way of life. Most of the smaller kind of criminals end up even deeper in the criminal scene when they are released from prison.

I don't think that ,with a crimefighting-organisation like Batman-Inc. already being built up, Batman would let this happen in the regular Batman-Continuity.

Although i think that this is a really interresting story for a game.

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Why don't they just do something like at the end of zero hour. This way everyone would know what's going on. And they wouldn't create even more confusion with every statement they make. If they wait too long for a step like this, or don't do it at all, we are going to have a mess of storylines, and then i guess we're up for another reboot.

@Jekylhyde14: Isn't that only the way it works in the marvel Universe? In the marvel Universe, if some things are altered in the timeline, it doesn't change this world, but simply creates a different one.

But in the DCU, if there have been some changes in the current timeline, it doesn't mean things that happened before don't matter anymore. They still happened.

It certainly would be easier to just go the marvel way, and create thousands of different worlds, but then it is hard to not confuse people with so many different universes :)

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@walkingcarpet said:

Kind of wish they'd gone with the full head mask ala the Darwin Cooke design. But I'm glad she looks like Catwoman.

I think it would also fit perfectly in Nolan's Batman-Universe