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I think that this movie tries to take some elements from the new 52 comics, and show us a more unexperienced, angrier superman, that let's himself be more driven by emotions than his more experienced version who is more in control over his feelings

In my opinion that's what previous superman movies lacked, because we never got the sense of a really continuity and change in characters like one can get from the comics

If you look at it that way, the movies is ideal for what it was supposed to do, to start off a new franchise, that will show a superman that will make mistakes and will learn from them (justl like they did with batman, and sony is trying to do with spiderman)

Also, i think that we will defenitely see clark dealing with the aftermath of the invasion, as well as the people making him responsible for what has happened, and some of them might be frightened over what he has done to zod (similar to the situation wonder woman was in when she killed maxwell lord)

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@mucklefluga: Yeah, but which of the scenes that he's actually in could you use? i don't think that neither hookers nor a terrorist camp or the shotting a guy in front of cameras would offer a good play-set for kids ;)

Looks awesome!!

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I think they should do a trilogy to start up the whole franchise, this way they could first introduce all the characters without making a bunch of solo movies, and still have enough time to introduce a big threat to the audince why the JL should work together

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something's wrong with his hair

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@BoyWander said:

Wally, Garth and Mia are all younger and team up with Damian to make Young Justice… Probably not, but that's where I'd want this to go.

I'd totally be happy with that solution

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@Loki2u said:

... I would rather see them go in the direction the LOTR and the Hobbit movies are going and split it up into 3 parts, one every year for one huge epic tale.

Awesome idea!!...kinda funny, but i never thought about that and didn't see anyone else come up with that possibility^^

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Just searched for a few set-photos...lookin' at the coat this is definitely benedict cumberbatch

really looking forward to this!!!

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@Utandi said:

"The video you are trying to watch cannot be viewed from your current country or location."

Fu**! Why isn't it like in the Star Trek Universe? One united and ordered federation! Everyone could see this video no matter who he or it is or where he or it is... I hate real world! -.-

well said!!

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i dont't think that the heroes of the MU could fight the joke without turning mad...the only reason why batman can is because he is basically the joker's counterpart as alan moore has shown....nobody can fight the joker as long as batman has without becoming an arkham inmate himself