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That's exactly what i've been telling everyone who was complayning about ben afflec as batman!

This certainly proves those haters wrong!

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had the same discussion a with a friend a few days ago...people always complain about the big changes, but in a few years these will be the most memorable stories

People should just wait and see what happens...just like in real life things don't always stay the same, and it would be boring if they would

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The end of Flashpoint when Bruce reads his dad's letter...one of the saddest and most beautiful moments at the same time

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I think what they were trying to do in these last two episodes was to make the Governor more relatable

In the comics he was a character to be hated from the first time he showed up

What they are trying to do here i think, is to make him even more frightening, not by his actions, but by the good person that he could be, and what he is capable of nevertheless

In my opinion the similarities of this group and the early survivors is not by accident, but to show what could have happened to Rick, and what he could still be able to do

all in all i think these were two good episodes, but for me, he could have stayed sane for a little longer before taking back his old role, or they could have started a little earlier in the season to show what happened to him....to pack all that in two episodes seemed a bit rushed

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@mrfuzzynutz: the problem with being a police detective would be that you couldn't just disappear when you need to, at least you would be in real trouble if sombody saw you vanish while you're on duty

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baby luke and darth vader as a daddy would also make an awesome alternate universe :))

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I can't choose...i want the whole dcu :)

they should do a sidekick dlc and defenitely add more female superheroes!!!

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I think that this movie tries to take some elements from the new 52 comics, and show us a more unexperienced, angrier superman, that let's himself be more driven by emotions than his more experienced version who is more in control over his feelings

In my opinion that's what previous superman movies lacked, because we never got the sense of a really continuity and change in characters like one can get from the comics

If you look at it that way, the movies is ideal for what it was supposed to do, to start off a new franchise, that will show a superman that will make mistakes and will learn from them (justl like they did with batman, and sony is trying to do with spiderman)

Also, i think that we will defenitely see clark dealing with the aftermath of the invasion, as well as the people making him responsible for what has happened, and some of them might be frightened over what he has done to zod (similar to the situation wonder woman was in when she killed maxwell lord)

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@mucklefluga: Yeah, but which of the scenes that he's actually in could you use? i don't think that neither hookers nor a terrorist camp or the shotting a guy in front of cameras would offer a good play-set for kids ;)

Looks awesome!!