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Seems like a perfect fit to me!

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Please let the show got to CW...as we've seen with arrow and the flash they can handle the different tones incredibly well, and a crossover with constantine would be soooo amazing... one can always dream of a big shared dctv-universe

Anyway...i hope this show gets to continue in some form!


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@w0nd: actually ezra miller is 3 years younger than grant gustin

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did they announce yet if ff is going to cross over into the x-men movies? There could be some awesome stories to tell with Franklin and Valeria.

But maybe they are going to wait with an announcement like that to see if the movie is a success

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I could be completely wrong on this one, but here's my theory on the reverse flash/professor zoom:

In this version reverse flash/eobard thawne is a future descendant of eddie thawne who blames barry/the flash that after he "stole" iris from him, which is going to happen at some future point in the series, his life was completely messed up. This is going to lead to the downfall of the thawne-family and all future generations. This is there it becomes a little bit tricky. Eobard thawne then travels back in time to in revenge destroy or kill the flash, which in turn will mess up the future even more. So a more mature Eobard Thawne again travels back in time to take up the identity of dr. wells an help barry become the man he was meant to be, so that eobard's younger/future self can become the reverse flash....this might be a little far-fetched, but yeah...time travel

On the whole two kinds of lightning at the murder of barry's mother:

My guess is that barry, when he mastered the ability to travel back in time, tried to save her, but then in a flashpoint-esque moment noticed that this would lead to a crisis that could destroy the earth or lead to total chaos, decided otherwise and had to let everything happen the way it was supposed to be

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after a season that so far has been kinda heavy on the action, i didn't mind a slower episode.

Did anybody else notice that the cop was the same actor as the guy that drowned in the car in the second constantine episode?

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I guess i wouldn't be happy with a younger cast of the original team...so, as long as they're not throwing stereotypical jokes at you, like them yelling "eww, gross" everytime slimer appears, changing things up a bit with a female cast in my opinion would be awesome!

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Didn't get to watch the teaser for BvS...then again, this is a movie i want to watch entirely unspoiled

Nevertheless wonder woman's costume looks just incredible...it's awesome that she finally gets a big-screen-treatment that seems worthy!!

Gal gadot seems to get the essence of wonder woman...if one can judge by just one pic

So...in my opinion dc and warner win this one!! :)

In general it's an awesome time to be a comic-fan!!

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That's exactly what i've been telling everyone who was complayning about ben afflec as batman!

This certainly proves those haters wrong!

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had the same discussion a with a friend a few days ago...people always complain about the big changes, but in a few years these will be the most memorable stories

People should just wait and see what happens...just like in real life things don't always stay the same, and it would be boring if they would