The Oyo Kingdom


The Oyo Kingdom is overseen by Ogoun, a powerful alchemist who can wield the forces of electromagnetism and telekinesis. He schemes to overthrow Asaru and rule over Alkebulan

The Metropolis

Ogoun's Tower

The Starseed Corps


The Infantry of Starseed Corps consists of armored troops. They are armed with some of the most technologically advanced weaponry in all of Alkebulan.

The Starseed knights are special units of serum-enhanced warriors with further enhancements from technology.

Lieutenant Letam

Lieutenant Letam was once a reputable knight within the Starseed Corps but he had sacrificed much of his body in earning his stripes. He is now a cyborg.

General Isenbane

General Isenbane is the leader of the Starseed Corps. He is a master of the dual-wield with an uncanny sense of strategy.

The Destroyers

The Destroyers are Ogoun's personal guard and henchmen. They carry out the jobs that the Starseed corps are unable to.


Falco comes from a race of fierce warriors known as the Viraaj. They are masters of melee combat and gifted with telekinesis.


Jaysin is a fearless human who's skills rival that of Falco. His twin blades can launch waves of fire or wind with a swing.


Xango is the prize of Ogoun's Destroyers. He was originally from the Kingdom of Muu and there he was the most gifted student at the academy of elements. He excelled in combat and went on to forge his own sword, infusing it with the power of the elements. Xango was also born with the power of telekinesis, which put him in a class of his own. A very promising student he was, the most talented in all of the academy's long history but he lusted for power and was banished from the kingdom.


Oyinbo is pure energy with a conscience. It's only purpose is to destroy that which it is ordered to destroy.

The Typhians

A great war took place thousands of years ago and between the Tetians and the Typhians, with the Tetians being the victors. The Typhians were forced to leave the universe afterward but now, thousands of years later, two of them have returned to exact vengeance.

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