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Ming fans will enjoy the new talent show episode with Brian Quinn from the Impractical Jokers tv show

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Jason Mewes came into Red Bank, NJ for a drag race of a vintage Batmobile and a vintagebGreen Hornet muscle car. Episode Walt & Bry race to celebrate Batman's 75th anniversary.

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Great stuff. I wish the tv show Comic Book Men had staff from Comicvine running it. I was disappointed with season 2. That how has become Pawn Stats Wanna Be and needs more comic books and people who buy comics.

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I have read the Guardians of the Galaxy since the1970s. It was one of my favorites comics of all time. I miss the original group from the future with Martinex and Starhawk, not this team with members of The Infinity Watch.

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I am really enjoying this series so far. I'm looking forward to see what other heroes will be joining the team.

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I am the guy in the episode that sold the 3D comics. They edited a lot of what we taped. Being a weekly comic buyer at the store (Mike and Ming recently said I am one of their best customers on a podcast), I will say they don't treat Ming that bad in real life, Walt is not that cranky, and Mike is one of the nicest guys you'll eve meet. The weird beard guy doesn't work and the store and I only see him there when the show is taping. You do rarely see Kevin and Jason in the store when they are in NJ. The guys definitely are different on camera, and they are nice guys with wives and kids. I am lucky to work near the store because I might have stopped collecting comics if I didn't have a great comic shop near my office.

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  1. think Loki is the son of Odin that will die fighting the serpent. Then he will be reincarnated thanks to the deal he made with hela