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@theacidskull: I hear you, I love Rulk. I was disappointed in the story at first. Everyone was out-of-character and I'm not a fan of Steve Dillon's pencils. Daniel Way's run ends after #10 and then Charles Soule takes over for two books. Marvel is says that they will announce the new team by the end of the month.

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@theacidskull: OK, I see your point. In the first story arc Daniel Way did a lot of things that were out-of-character and we all said WTF?!? This is the first time he is writing these characters other than Deadpool and I think Punisher. I imagine that he didn't do enough research and actually "read" previous stories? IMO he should have focused on the five main characters before bringing in the Leader and Mercy.

Starting with #7 Thunderbolts has become a much more engaging story then the first story arc. Our favorite characters seem more like themselves and the story has been great so far. Thunderbolts is finally living up to the expectations that fans had and the book now has the WOW-Factor!

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Daniel Way is finally on track with this book. This story arc has been great so far. He created a complex and intriguing story leaving you on the edge of your seat. I agree with Corey, Steve Dillon isn't the right fit for this book. Phil Noto's art combined with GURU eFX's colors are fantastic. For those of you who have doubts, read Thunderbolts 7 and 8 and you'll be pleasantly surprised.

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Mayan Rule was awesome!

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@theacidskull: There was a side-plot with the CIA that Daniel Way was developing, rather slowly. He talked about that with General Awa's back story and also with Ross' younger days. It looks like he is tying that with the Avengers to meet in the future, which I think is cool IMO. I wish that Jeff Parker, Rick Reminder or Greg Rucka was the writer on Thunderbolts.

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I'm not sure why it took Daniel Way six issues before he finally got it right? Thunderbolts #7 was the best one so far. There was an actual plot, the characters were compelling, and left me wanting more. Phil Noto's art combined with Guru eFX colors was amazing! I'm not thrilled with Steve Dillon coming back, I hope that it's just that one issue that focus on the Punisher.

I think that Marvel had big plans for a major crossover with the Thunderbolts. http://www.comicbookresources.com/?page=article&id=43708

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I think that it would work. They have a lot of romantic tension and similar backgrounds as warriors. For short term at least.

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I agree, the writing needs to improve. I wish that Marvel had Greg Rucka, Jeff Parker, or Rick Remender write Thunderbolts instead of Daniel Way.

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I enjoyed Jeph Loeb's run on Red Hulk. However he annoyed some fans with actions like Red Hulk hitting Uatu the Watcher. When Rulk first appeared he was the antagonist. The people that hate Rulk are the ones who stopped reading the book. They missed all the personal growth into a anti-hero. It was further developed in Jeff Parker's run which was amazing IMO. For an indepth look check out the video.


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I agree that Abomination should NOT have died from a gunshot. Beaten to a pulp, yea in a Hulk book, but not a gun, they are all bullet proof. I think the Abomination will return at some point to cause havoc on the Marvel Universe.

I actually loved Jeph Loeb's run on the Red Hulk book. Yes there were some flaws, but not every writer can know everything on a character. I wasn't a fan of Rulk hitting the Watcher, but some people thought that it was funny, different strokes.