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@Decoy Elite: I hadn't read the original Thunderbolts. Marvel had rebooted the book several times and many of the arcs are good from what I've herd. I hope that those characters like Songbird and company appear soon.

Thunderbolts had first appeared in the Hulk's book. Many people thought that Thunderbolts had something to do with Thunderbolt Ross. Rulk, Elektra, Venom, Punisher and Deadpool are complex and intriguing characters so this is something new.

I came in with high hopes because I love Rulk, Elektra and Punisher. Dillon's art was OK, I think that his style is better suited for non-super hero's. The main problem is Daniel Way. The motivation was vague, the characters reveals were lackluster, he focused on the back stories of minor characters that no one cares about, and key action sequences are left off-panel. The reader has no idea how a character had overcame a challenge?

I've seen several interviews with Daniel Way, and the interviews were more exciting then the book itself and that's bad. Daniel Way needs to turn it around fast, or Marvel should have someone else write this book. These characters are amazing and the book because there is a lot of potential. I am excited about Phil Noto, his art looks amazing.

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@X35: You were right. The creative team is a joke, the buck has been nothing but mediocre since it started.

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Isn't Orion as powerful as Superman, Wonder Woman and Darksied? I think that they just wanted a big throw down with the heavy hitters?

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@Loki9876: I totally agree, not sure who wanted him to slim down? I think that he'll do an excellent job.

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I love the Red Hulk and Black Widow cover. Not sure if I will pick this up, I might just wait for the graphic novel.

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According to Marvel's March 2013 Solicitations, Phil Noto is the artist starting in #7.

I am really looking forward to that. As far as the pairing, it's definitely unexpected and provocative!

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I hear you. From what I've seen on comic websites and boards, most people are turned off by the creative team. I actually liked it and Steve Dillon's art was decent for the most part. They have a new artist Phil Noto in issue seven, his art looks great. I have no choice since it's the only book with Rulk in it.

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I love the idea of the show, and glad to see a comic book character on TV. There is so much potential with this show, it could be the next Smallville and have a ten year run, but they are ruining it. :(

I need MORE comic book and LESS soap opera. They introduce characters and then they just sit there! The supporting characters are supposed to grow/change/evolve; the plot isn't moving forward.

Tommy Merlyn is cut off from his trust fund, OK that's a start. They need to show him suffering and how he becomes Merlyn which I think is Green Arrow's biggest foe in the comics? They need to show us that!

Laurel/Dina, Thea/Speedy, John Diggle, the Mom, ALL of those characters just sit there and "bitch" about what Oliver is NOT doing. . . who cares? Show Laurel/Dina becoming the Black Canary (which I look forward to), show Thea Queen becoming Speedy (I also look forward to), show John Diggle become Bronze Tiger (I'm guessing or some bad ass guy that Green Arrow can rely on). Otherwise, those characters are

The mom and the step-dad have somewhat of a plot, but those are minor characters and they don't seem to interact with Oliver/Green Arrow, the step-dad doesn't or at least not yet. The mom has a shady past but we the audience after seven episodes still doesn't know what exactly.

I love DeadShot, Slade Wilson/Terminator (I really loved that), China White, Royal Flush Gang, and the Huntress, but they all seem like the guest star/villain-of-the-week with hardly any development and then poof they are gone forever? We'll at least the Huntress got two episodes but her character on the show was NOT the incredible girl-power Huntress that we know in the comics.

This show needs to consult with Bruce Timm ASAP! I'm still watching the show and have hope.