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When I first heard of Red Hulk, I was very curious and bought the first trade, I loved the books but a lot of people didn't. I myself was disappointed when Rulk hit the Watcher. I found this review from 2010, it's very in depth and they talk about everything during Jeph Loeb's run.


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I was in junior high when I bought Days of Future Past, it was a dark depressing story that had a small vision of hope for the future. I don't remember anything from that story to be excited about? I just hope that they don't lose the wow factor that most comic book movies seem to do when they translate from comic book to film.

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He is an amazing writer. I hadn't read Hush or the other DC titles that he's done; however, I love Red Hulk. I know a lot of people didn't. For those of you who hate Rulk, it's probably because you stopped reading it or never read it to begin with. Rulk is a complex and intriguing character. Check out this indepth look. http://ifanboy.com/podcasts/ifanboy-episode-182-red-hulk/

The intricate, complex things that Jeph did with the book is amazing. He transforms Rulk from a complete jerk into a anti-hero which is shown more in Jeff Parker's run.

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I think that Superman is a little too perfect, almost like a Marty Stu character. Because he's so perfect, some people may not relate to him possibly? I was bored in that Superman teaser. Hollywood fails in half of the super hero movies, they focus on winning an Oscar and that's cool but in doing so they remove the WOW factor that made the comics such a hit. They should have this in the Superman movie.


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I stand right there with you, where is Rulk going? I hope that it's something good.

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I was thinking the same thing.  I like how they brought in the League of Assassins or League of Shadows since it's on Cartoon Network.  Who was the young woman in the mask that lead the attack?  Was that Cassandra Cain, I think she's no longer Batgirl and has joined up with the League of Assassins?  I love Young Justice, so much better then the old Teen Titans.