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I would say Red Hulk in a close match. Aquaman could summon whales or electric eels and yes with the Trident he would be a match.

I'm curious to see if Aquaman could go toe-to-toe with Superman.

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I think they won't get rid of Rulk so easily...The other "members" of the Hulk "family" really doesn't have something else to give and I dare to tell that probably(never say never)we won't see them again...At least soon...

Rulk is more complicated character and also a tragic one(he became what he hated most) -of course not as Hulk in both terms-and I think that even this meeting(I haven't read the issue yet)it would be a rematch of the two Hulks(green&red)only this time Hulk is not savage but(as Novemberx2 said) Superior in everything...Now not only Rulk can play "dirty" but Doc Green has ace in his sleeves..

PLEASE KEEP DUGGAN TO THE TITLE!!!!!I think he has some David formula in him...

Please, there's nothing special about Red Hulk/General Ross. He's nothing more than an egotistical, power-hungry, arrogant creep who willingly became a Hulk just so that he'd have a sliver of a chance of defeating him. And he failed. Big Time.

There's nothing tragic about him either. Skaar is a tragic character, born in molten fire and raised among monsters on a hellish planet. Red She-Hulk is a tragic character, brought back from death and transformed into a Hulk and used as a weapon all against her will. All the other Hulks were more sympathetic and underwent far more tragic circumstances that Rulk/Ross ever did!

Skaar, She-Hulk, Lyra, A-Bomb, and Red She-Hulk are far more interesting Hulks and have a lot more to offer than he does. They were either born Hulks, or forced to become Hulks against their will. Ross did it all out of ego and vengeance. Nothing more, nothing less. And I would love nothing more to see his death, a very permanent one, at the hands of the Hulk/Doc Green.

It's time for Red Hulk to die. Depowering Ross isn't a harsh enough punishment for his crimes. For all that he has done, his demise is at hand. And I, and many others, can't wait to see it transpire.

I disagree, Ross became a Hulk because he wanted the chance to save his daughter. It sounds like you hadn't read the books World War Hulks His book lasted 57 issues and was a great read that you should check out.

Based on what we've seen so far in Omega Hulk, Doc Green main goal was taking out the Hulk family and slowly becoming a major threat.

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No. I didn't really love the Indestructible Hulk story. It was entertaining, but I believe I ended up dropping it in the middle due to losing interest. I also don't want another Hulk movie. I'd rather other characters be explored. Planet Hulk would probably be the one exception to that. I would like to see that movie. It's basically Sparticus or Gladiator played out with monsters, but it would be fun to watch.

I left after Leinil Francis Yu's run, the art wasn't as interesting and Mark Waid went all over the place. I loved Hulk working with Shield and his team but then he put Hulk in that armor (I'm guessing that was for toys/action figures?)

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..or maybe a film based on Doc Green?

Doc Green comes off like an arrogant jerk IMO. The only thing that he's done is taken out the rest of the Hulk family, and we still don't know why? I heard rumors that Doc Green is the coming of Maestro?

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I agree, Bruce Willis is a bad choice; he would make a great antagonist. I would prefer someone in their 20s-30s who's athletic.

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I would love to see She-Hulk and Red-Hulk. I wouldn't be disappointed with a World War Hulk film either.

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Skaar just appeared in Omega Hulk. He has an encounter with his father.

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