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I dislike that Hollywood doesn't like recasting roles actually. It keeps movies from achieving any kind of continuity, and forces us to be stuck with trilogies followed by reboots, followed by trilogies, followed by reboots.
Joker should be re-cast, at least eventually. They don't *need* to have Joker in the next film, and without Ledger, it would just cause a controversy. However, sooner or later they will need to cast a new Joker if they continue to make these Batman films, and don't just reboot the franchise again.
The James Bond films recast every few years, and this is a practice I think needs to be adopted. Recast as needed, but don't reboot. Don't keep showing us origin stories that everyone knows already. Accept that not every movie in a franchise will be awesome, and not every actor is going to be attached to it forever.
That or start doing more CG films, since voice actors rarely have these kinds of problems. Hollywood has way too much money and it gets in the way of making any kind of decent film.

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Agreed. I'm not sure if Norton has the Banner "look," but who cares. He's a damn good actor, and he pulled of a decent Hulk movie, which was something I never expected to see. 
I don't think there is a better candidate out there.
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Yes. I'm pretty positive they made a point of that in the last Siege.

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It has been confirmed that the movie mostly takes place in World War II before Cap is frozen. They are just toting this around as "Cap's Costume" in the movie, so I'm assuming it is his WWII costume since the majority of the movie will be during that time period. I don't think they have specifically said its use, but until information confirms otherwise, I'd say its a safe assumption.
As for its "modern" look, its concept art, and concept art is always cleaner and shinier than real material. There was the same problem with Thor's costume's concept art, but its looks far less "Space Viking" in the actual promo shots. 
I'd be fine with this costume. I wish they had gone with the leather cap he was sporting in the Ultimates, because I think it had a nice retro feel. I also wish he had helmet wings and at least some part of the costume with dragon scales. I'm guessing he will have a round shield, but I hope his original does appear in the film at some point. But those are minor points. This is obviously not the Captain America from 616, its a different universe altogether. I mean, I'm pretty sure they are going to have the Red Skull cause him to get frozen instead of Zemo. The movies are never exactly the same, so I just don't expect them to be. As long as its entertaining and they capture the core of what the character is, I'll be happy.
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X-MEN #1
Something like that.

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I kind of stumbled upon their comics as something to read on the train when I had a pretty long commute. At first I thought all the Simpson's comics out there were done by some third party, like Archie or something. However, Bongo was started by Matt Groening and it certainly shows. Some of the writers from the shows will even write them from time to time.
I collect Futurama, mostly in TPB (which I'm hoping they continue to put out.) There's some stories they've put out that rival the shows. One of my favorites, off the top of my head, being the issue where Bender becomes the robot devil. You also have things like their Simpson/Futurama cross-overs that are just total fan love letters that they probably won't ever be able to do in the real shows.
Overall they are just a great company, and I'm glad we have them putting out funny comics of this quality. Not every comic needs to be about super heroes.

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I agree that is what is so great about Steve Rogers, but Bucky is not Steve Rogers, and could never be as good of a Captain America if he tried to do it the same way as Steve. Both are just men, no super powers, but Steve's super soldier serum certainly counts for something. 
I admit that I hated that Cap used a gun when I first heard about it, because of the same reasons, but after hearing the circumstances I'm fine with it. We all know its temporary anyways.
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I remember when that issue came out. I wasn't even into comics really, but I frequented a comic shop. Got like junk from out of the quarter bin from time to time.
Seems like it was just another terrible thing to come out of the 90s.

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I don't know if they *have* to do Skrulls, as Secret Invasion was not really hinted about all that much in their Civil War storyline. However, it or Dark Reign/Siege might make a decent video game plot, because they have room for lots of epic battles. Civil War made for better reading, but I don't think it was the best fit to drive a video game.
I would be fine if they just made up their own story, though. I've already read those Marvel events.

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If you start with an origin story, theres nowhere else to go.
X-Men has a lot of possible back stories, because mutants don't have origins in the same way as typical Super Heroes. But Spider-Man? Nothing else before he's bitten that is worth talking about.
I just wish they would stop focusing on origins. In most cases we don't need them, and we certainly don't need them in reboots. Batman Begins is the main exception, since the reboot was almost entirely about how they dealt with his origin story. But this new Spider-Man? I really hope there isn't an origin story. It was one of the best decisions the newer Hulk made.