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I'm way behind in my reading. So Kent Nelson isn't Doctor Fate?

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You ask "Why does a characters sexuality matter?" To which I reply, if it doesn't matter, then why change it?

Edit: Just to be clear, I am not opposed to gay characters in comics. I would just rather have new characters developed or characters who have not had their relationships defined used to expand this area in comics.

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You know what story I want to see? "Misters Fantastic". And I'm not counting that zombie one.

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Here's a question to ask James next week. He may not be the best person to ask but he will probably have an idea. When characters are shown shaking hands in comics, why are they usually using their left hands? I can't think of a reasonable reason why this mistake is always overlooked.

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@Comiclove5 said:
" Wow what is wrong with Superboy? "

6 months ago, Superboy was still in a giant glass tube.  He probably has no memories.
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D ≠ TH

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Needed: Experienced Podcast producer
Apply to Comic Vine
Don't take no for an answer.  Make them hire you.