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Templesmith is off of Ten Grand. That might be his art on the cover, but that is not his art in the interiors. I will still pick this issue up, but the previews leave me feeling unhappy. I guess we'll see if the story can carry to book without Templesmith's images to go along with it.

Also looking for ward to Cataclysm, Fatale, and Morning Glories.

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@xwraith said:

Wasn't the purpose of the Ultimate universe to create stories without the burden of years of continuity?

It seems that it's failed that purpose.

Time is the enemy there. It's been around for more than a decade now. Still, with all that has happened, there are plenty of new characters, new ideas, where continuity is not a big issue. Storm acting like Storm and not being a quiet subordinate to Kitty Pride, does create a bogged down in continuity feeling.

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@wolverine08: yeah I get that. Still energy with how bad Ultimatum was, you would think that the new writers would be able to make it so the characters remembered who each other were and their personalities forever altered.

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I agree about how different it is. That's why I read it, and don't read any MU proper titles at all. Still I hope you are not correct about Cataclysm.

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This has bugged me for a long time. I am a huge fan of the Ultimate Marvel Universe. However, is it just me or does ever character that survived Ultimatum act like they never existed before that event? It seems like the entire universe just forgot all their history together after that event. Ever since the line became Ultimate Comics, it has just been funky.

Ultimate Avengers was nothing compared to The Ultimates. Everything in Ultimate Spider-Man changed. Ultimate X-Men is the worst culprit. The mutants act like they never knew each other. Joan Grey is unrecognizable to everyone, and Storm is not the badass leader she used to be.

I just wish they would figure out how to deal with the fallout of Ultimatum and get back to some better stories. Joshua Hale Fialkov seems to be doing well, but well see I guess.

Any other fans have thoughts?

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I'm currently collecting Fatale, Morning Glories, Bedlam, Jupiter's Legacy, and Ten Grand. Although Morning Glories is a sweet ride and I really have been digging on Ten Grand, Fatale is by far my favorite. Bedlam is cool, but it doesn't have the depth and Jupiter's Legacy is still to young to vote for.

I also love The Walking Dead and Revival, and collect them in TPB format. As such, I didn't think I could vote for either one.

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This will be so amazing. Can't wait.

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Completely agree with this one.

In my opinion, the best cover of the week -- Darwyn Cooke's variant cover for Fatale #15 ...

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Ms. Marvel would have been sweet, especially with her connection to the Kree, and the possibility of Thanos coming on as the villain. Would have made way more sense. Then again, we would sit here and argue all day long as to who could pull off her classic look.

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Seriously, there is never any love for Ultimate Spider-man. Also, this is the final issue of I, Vampire. You know, the much-loved-book-couldn't-believe-they-were-canceling-it, book. I am almost always disappointed with this list.