Sandra Woosan is Here *SPOILERS

The New 52 version of Lady Shiva finally made her first appearance in the pages of, "Nightwing #0" and she was Beast Mode. I gotta start off by saying the Comicvine Battle Threads are a constant ping in the back of my mind every time I read a comic. I can see the arguments and comments before they're even posted and reading this issue was no different. But I'mma say it.....Lady Shiva beats Robin and Batman one right after the other, and it was a great couple of panels. Immediately I'd like to run into the Battle Forums, find every Batman vs Shiva thread, and say, Now what! Wont happen though. For although her victory was great story-wise (should be enough right?) its filled with context that any seasoned CV debate specialist would use with surgical proficiency to dismantle my fanboyish claims. Before I get into that though I wanna say that New 52 Shiva seems just like the old one (its early still but there are positive signs).Shiva comes across as methodical, cold, and calculating. She talks as if she's always testing, always teaching. And nothings changed here.

Okay back to the context. As I stated earlier Shiva defeats Batman and Robin, but here's the problem (as it pertains to the battle threads), Shiva poisons Batman before the fight. Which......IS F'N hilarious. Why? Cause for years in the original DCU Shiva would get defeated via pre-fight poison every time she appeared. Paybacks a b!tch lol Sadly this diminishes/taints her destruction of Batman. She then goes on to destroy Robin. Which is to be expected he's young, he's fresh in his first Robin costume so of course he gets beat down. So feat wise DCNU Shiva still needs some work, but dayumn was it a good first showing.

A couple things worth mentioning:

Already has a reputation
Throws Shuriken faster then Bats can dodge
Still refers to Robin as, Little Bird. Then proclaims she can make him better


As you can tell I could all but give a damn about Nightwing, honestly. Its all about Shiva baby. And her first Post New 52 appearance was everything I hoped it would be. Now someone go help Dick and Bruce clean up, they're embarrassing themselves.

Posted by Billy Batson

Go Shredder!

Posted by danhimself

I WANT CASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Posted by Avenging-X-Bolt

So Dick is "little bird" now instead of Tim.wish I could say I was surprised.

Posted by ComicMan24

@Billy Batson said:

Go Shredder!


Posted by TDK_1997

Looks good.

Posted by HexThis

I love Sandy Wu-San but I really hope this time around people continue to be afraid of her rather than having her get defeated by poisoned chocolate and chairs.

Posted by Odyssey_Dawn

@HexThis: This is why I loved the fact that she defeated Batman via poison. Its like a slight against those who used it as a crutch or to justify sub-par characters defeating her.

Posted by Stronger

This shuriken was really sneaky.