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Name: Odessa Calidus

Age: 22

Race: Atlantean

Occupation: Student of the Atlantean Mystic Arts

Race: Half Atlantean, half human

Odessa is an Atlantean who is currently studying full time at the Atlantean Mystic Arts Center. She is the daughter of Meison Calidus, a member of the Atlantean military. Her mother however, is unknown to her. While she is aware her mother was a human (making Odessa half human, half Atlantean) she does not know the name of her mother or where she is from. Her father refuses to speak about her and because he is in the military, he is always away on missions, making it hard for Odessa to ask questions. Her hopes is to become a master of the Atlantean Mystic Arts and eventually become a teacher of the Arts to future generations.

Odessa has only spent a total of about two hours on land throughout her life. She feels that she has no real reason to spend her time with air breathers, hearing horrible stories about them of their hungry power ways. But it's not just that. She hates the way the air stings her lungs and the way the sun burns against her skin. She is more comfortable sitting in the Mystic Arts Library studying.


Atlantean attributes: Atlanteans, although 'Human', have through scientific and sorcerers means developed several abilities which allow them to live comfortably under the sea. Every Atlantean have these set of abilities:

  • Breathe underwater: All Atlanteans are capable of surviving the aquatic atmosphere under the sea. Some accomplish this without the presence of visible gills, such as Odessa.
  • Temperature resilience: Resistant to low temperatures and the effects of freezing, although notably hindered by high temperatures. However, since Odessa is half human, she is able to adapt to high temperatures better than pure blood Atlanteans.
  • Durability: Dense flesh, although not invulnerable. Odessa is able to take blunt attacks and it is difficult to break her bones but she is able to be pierced by sharp metal objects. Ridges from stone and broken glass make more of a scrape than actual cut.
  • Strength: Ranging from undetected levels to super strength. Odessa however is able to lift 450lbs with some struggle.
  • Super Speed: Able to swim ranging from 120mph-Mach 5 depending on how much they train. Odessa’s top swim speed up to the low transonic, so ranging from 600-768mph but only for about an hour before completely exhausting herself WITHOUT using her water manipulation to help speed her up. She is also able to swim at a steady 334mph for 4-6 hours at a time. On land she is able to run up to 40-50mph.
  • Enhanced Sight: Ability to see in the murky depths of the ocean allows Atlanteans have exceptional night vision while on land.
  • Superhuman Reflexes and agility: Because they live in the water, they learn to move swiftly and quickly. Then while upon land their reflexes and agility are increased than if they were in the water because there is no water pushing or pulling against them.

Atlantean Mystic Arts: Odessa studied in advanced classes that her parents taught. In order for these to work, an Atlantean must gain the tribal tattoos which come in different styles, depending on what they want. They are invisible when inactive but will give off a sapphire glow when powers are in use. While the following abilities can be inherited by Atlantean's at birth, studying the Atlantean Mystic Arts can give the user of the abilities a deeper understanding of their power, thus allowing them to be stronger warriors than your typical Atlantean.

  • Electricity Generation: Odessa has the power to generate electricity from the Atlantean symbol tattoos on her arms, which she can channel through water or use as a direct offense against opponents. She is also able to absorb electrical attacks from other people.
  • Hydrokinesis: Able to manipulate water to serve any number of uses: water blasts, manipulate tides or water spouts to lift her off the ocean floor. This is not just limited to water, she is also able to manipulate anything that has water molecules in it.
    • Hard-water: The unique ability to solidify water into a myriad of different weapons for physical attacks and protectiveness as well.
    • Water Density manipulation: Able to pressurize water bodies of water so she (and others) are able to walk upon the surface of water or to help make water constructs.
    • Hydrokinetic Constructs: Able to turn water into solidified objects, tools, weapons and protective construct by manipulating the water pressure. (Needs Water Density Manipulation to do this)
  • Cryokinesis: Able go to turn water into ice on a molecular scale by slowing down the water molecules until it freezes. She is also able to speed the atoms back to normal speed and melt ice back to it’s normal liquid form.
  • Telepathy: Odessa is able to communicate with marine life through telepathy and other Atlantean's. She is able to telepathically communicate with 'air breathers' as well but has to develop a connection with them first. Whether it be from spending hours at a time with them (Takes the longest time), to making a strong physical connection with them (through kiss or sexual means) to the small exchange of blood (fast and almost instant).

Atlantean Mystic Blood Technique: These are more advanced Atlantean mystic art techniques students, able to create spells using Atlantean symbols and the use of their blood and sometimes requiring the blood of others.Only those who study the Atlantean Mystic Blood Arts can use these abilities.

Breath of life

  • Taught only to advanced students; if an Atlantean finds an air-breather drowning underwater, they must breath water from their lungs into the air-breather with the exchange of blood. If they accept, they will be able to breath underwater temporarily until they return to the surface.
*Fluid of Life

  • Taught only to advanced students but is highly frown upon if used. Able to take the water that makes up a being and physically manipulate them, there are different forms of blood manipulation. While the techniques can be fought against by the victim, if the caster has the actual blood of the person, the spell becomes twice as powerful.
    • · *Motor-Skill Manipulation: Able to forcefully control a person by manipulating the water in their body.
    • · *Paralysis Inducement: Able to cause the muscles to tense up and freeze using manipulation of the water inside their body.
    • · **Haemo-Piezokinesis : The ability to manipulate the blood pressure inside someone’s body to the point of either causing their blood vessels to burst from high pressure or to completely stop blood flow itself, this is the most dangerous technique that Atlanteas are forbidden to use but are able to learn about.
    • · **Bleed-out: Ability that takes water molecules inside the blood and water down the platelet count causing wounds to increase in blood output and cause the body to be unable to clot on it's own.
Trident Summon
Odessa's Trident

  • The ancient weapon of the Atlanteans is the Trident, and upon drawing both needed symbols and touching the ground with both hands, the Trident that is bind to them will burst forth from the Earth in a gush of water.
Water Portal

  • Using the blood they draw a symbol on their forehead and are able to travel through the earth via water. However there must be a large enough body of water that their body could fit through, in other words a puddle and not a single drop of water on the ground. They are able to travel only directly to the nearest large body of water, such as a large river, Lake, sea and ocean. Only Atlanteans are able to travel.
Dry Out

  • The user must draw a symbol on the palm of their hand and whatever object, plant or living being that hand touches, it will withdraw all fluid inside. The more experience you have with this spell, the more you can control exactly how much fluid you withdraw from an object or in a living being, exactly where the fluid is begin taken
Healing Waters

  • Mixing the blood of the person who needs healing and the caster, the caster is able to heal and regenerate while in or next to water to recover from severe or minor wounds on themselves or on others. In order for the healing process to take place the wound must be covered in water. This technique does not work well for self healing and is only able to heal small wounds.

(Any spells that have a * next to them means Odessa has not yet mastered them but are able to perform them at low certain level and anything with ** means Odessa has never preformed the skill before but has knowledge of it and how it works)


Bladed/pricing weapons: Even though she has increased durability, her skin is still able to be wounded by bladed weapons and fine pointed bullets.

Extreme Heated temperatures: While Odessa (unknowingly being only half) Atlantean, she is more susceptible to dehydration but not as much as a full blood Atlantean. She is able to withstand high temperatures for longer period of time but can still be effected by it if exposed for too long.