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This is Chuck Testa!

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Chuck Testa...

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@kiddevil: Hi guy.
@mantoidx: ...You started it...
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Then we shall stare... at something...

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I'm not getting in to be bored. That would be boring. And quit staring, it's rude!

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*blows the dust off the thread*
I know some of you Champions are out there! And I am very bored! We should like, chat, or something.

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@lazystudent: Thanks man.
@War Killer: Good way to wrap up the story. Good rpg, just lasted too long.
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Sorry it took forever, but things are rough and school sucks. You guys know the drill. 
But by all means, ENJOY MY POST.

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Hanging his head in disappointment, Octagon boarded the transport. He had to keep moving and try again. Humans didn't understand him, but he understood them perfectly. He felt every death personally and felt the web of repercussions that left families in tatters. He knew how closely connected humans were and he felt all their pain. Maybe it was a result of his being the only one of his kind on the planet. He closed his eyes and waited for the transport to land in Washington.
Minutes later, he stepped out of the door of the transport and stood in the blaring sun. He had assumed that major monuments and attractions would be the natural targets, as did everyone else. They all split up and went to different memorable places in DC. Octagon wasn't completely familiar with the area, but he knew of the Lincoln Memorial. He admired Lincoln from the history books. He found a giant, living embodiment of this figure sitting in an equally-sized throne. He looked around and noticed the columns, and of course, all the people admiring and taking photos. There were a few gentlemen trying to fit in, but they weren't doing a very good job. Some walked in groups, others as individuals, but they never stopped moving. Octagon could see their quick glances around. If they were Madros's men, they were checking on the bombs to make sure civilians didn't discover or tamper with them. 
Walking quickly through the crowd, Octagon grabbed an individual and wrapped his mouth. They quickly teleported to the roof of the structure where Octagon held the man up by the lapels of his suit. 
"Where are the bombs?!" Octagon screamed at the man. The man simply smiled in return. Gunshots began firing and people began screaming. A few agents were climbing onto the roof with their SMG's drawn. 
"You shouldn't have yelled. We're constantly checking each others' backs and they saw me disappear with you. Your raised voice let them know where we were," the man smirked, cockily. Octagon's brow furrowed tightly enough to bend steel as more agents crowded the roof. 
"We have you, as well as the civilians beneath us, surrounded. If you harm that agent, we will kill you and all the civilians. Get on your stomach and put your arms out to the sides!" one man yelled. Obviously they hadn't done their homework, as they didn't know what Octagon's powers were. He formed a dark scoop and grabbed all the agents on the roof. While they were all suspended, Octagon disassembled their weapons and scattered the pieces. He kept his concentration and brought them down to the ground level with him.
One of the agents leaned over and yelled into his radio, "What's the situation up there? Is that super contained?" His head snapped back to his hand. His weapons was turning black and disassembling while he still had it. He looked around and the other agents were losing their weapons also. Octagon grinned at his trick, but he knew they were packing more heat. Keeping the agents contained, he moved quickly, attacking agents individually. He got to the one with the radio and tripped him, but while he was in the air for a second, Octagon sent a bone-shattering punch into the man's chest. The pavement cracked slightly as he hit the ground. Octagon teleported to the nearest agent and chopped his neck. Teleporting again, Octagon kicked one man off his feet and spun to take another agent down with a follow-through kick. 
Octagon stopped when he heard a gunshot. He looked up as people screamed. Three agents had taken hostages and demanded that Octagon surrender or they would kill the civilians. Octagon raised his hands over his head slowly, but with a smirk hidden behind his cowl. A large fist formed beside the agent to the far right of the bunch. It barreled through all three agents, causing them to lose their grips on their guns, their hostages, and their consciousness. Octagon gathered up the unconscious agents and piled them in front of the structure and moved all the people away. He picked up a live one and brought his face as close as possible to the agent's. 
"Only asking once. WHERE ARE THE BOMBS?" Octagon shouted. The man kept his lips pressed, but he gave it away. He began glancing at the monument. But he wasn't looking at Lincoln... He was looking at the pillars! Octagon tossed the man on the pile and made a make-shift prison out of nearby benches and loose concrete. He teleported to the nearest pillar and studied it. He found a bomb attached at the base. It all made sense now. If the bombs were attached at the bases of the columns, it would cause the whole structure to come down. He quickly ran from pillar to pillar, grabbing the bombs. The timers were getting short and Octagon had not gathered them all yet. He sealed the bombs he had in a dark construct and threw them high into the air. He looked where he could not get the bombs and surrounded that with a dark shield. The bombs exploded safely in the constructs, but the structure was now missing a few pillars. But with the other dozens of pillars, the monument was in no danger of collapsing, which left Octagon relieved. Taking a minute to inhale some fresh air, Octagon steadied himself. He got on his COP communicator and radioed the team.
"Lincoln Memorial's safe. No casualties this time. Let me know where else I can be of assistance."

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Well, not much is going down on my end. Just winding down for the night.