You wouldn't like me when I'm hungry.

I absolutely loved this movie. I thought that the Hulk was so realistic-looking, and that all the roles were played perfectly. I even loved Bruce's annoying little heart monitor watch. The setting was really cool. That city they start out in was crazy. I didn't think that you could fit that many buildings so close together.

I didn't think that this was quite as good as Iron Man, but it's just behind it.

P.S. I heard a guy saying that this movie was "garbage." I can't believe him, and I want to find him and beat him down, Hulk style.

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Posted by Venom-Hulker_1

Give Me your number and maybe I can send you my lucky hulk clothes .... But they have to be washed and and in great condition Or I'll Buy The SUPER-Lucky ones and hunt you down(hulk style of course)! Now in like 2013 they should have like What if..?:The Movie!

Posted by Octagon Freak

No thanks, I'm good on clothes for now.