Amazing Spider-man special preview showing

Luckily, i managed to make it to the special Amazing Spider-man preview in London's Leceister Square Vue after last monday and was rewarded for braving the cold with a showing of the new trailer. In 3D no less! First impressions was that the 3D effects would work quite well with Spider-man, with all the swinging around New York and all that jazz. Before all this though, we were apparently broadcast live around the world and actors/producers/Mark Webb all spoke a little about the film. In London we have Rhys Ifans, which made sense. Webb said the whole film was shot with 3D cameras, so im expecting fairly big things from the 3D, compared to some of the poor 3D cash-ins we see released *coughSTARWARScough*

After some more questions from a few of the locations, we saw some more footage, this one a splice reel of some unfinished footage. We see some awesome Spidey wisecracks, a few glimpse of the lizard and that all important money shot of the antenna falling from on top a skyscraper. Another big scene shown was a conversation at school between Uncle Ben and Peter. This leads to Peter awkwardly talking to Gwen Stacey. The chemistry between the two is obvious and again, was the perfect scene to just wet our tastebuds for what is to come. For me, the most important part of both trailers was seeing Spider-man's mask get ripped off by Captain Stacey. This is an interesting development, can't wait to see how this ends up playing out.

Once the footage was all over, Rhys took some questions from the audience, not really revealing much about the movie. All that was it! We all filed out of the theatre and collected a free t-shirt from the event. Its an awesome shirt, kinda like a tour t-shirt. Overall, the event was awesome and well worth braving the cold for. Cannot wait for July now!

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