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Barry Allen Fans Rejoice, Everyone Else... Eh, Whatever 0

With this DC Relaunch they've been trying out lots of new things, such as with this issue where they got a colorist and artist to pull double duty and work as writers. Now when I first heard that they were doing that on the Flash, I was actually pretty intrigued. The Flash is all about speed, so to have the guys who are visualizing the story also know exactly how to make that story flow out onto the page could actually work really well in this series. And for the most part, yeah, it totally pays...

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You Can't Spell FUN Without Firestorm 0

Ever since this relaunch started I have constantly been surprised by how many books I was expecting to dislike or not care about that have turned out to be incredibly fun. And now you can add Firestorm to that list. I wasn't expecting it to be bad, just not something I was going to be interested in. But just like Hawkman, Wonder Woman, and so many other books, this one really put me on a ride that I enjoyed and wanted to go on again.Now don't get me wrong, there were some things in this book I d...

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Bad Timing or Just a Bad Book? 0

Before the DC relaunch began the internet was abuzz about the claims that this relaunch was sexist because of how few female characters had books in the relaunch and because of the lack of female talent behind the books themselves. Now after the first two weeks I didn't see much need to be worried about the portrayal of women in the comics, but then came week three, and we all saw what they did to Starfire and the last panel of Catwoman. Now the character of Voodoo starts off as a stripper and b...

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I Care to Disagree 0

When I was a kid and the original Resurrection Man series was coming out I thought the idea of it sounded great, but it just wasn't quite me, at that time I just wasn't ready to start reading the more weird or dark characters so I didn't bother to check it out, but ever since then I've wanted another chance. So when Resurrection Man was announced as one of DC's New 52 I got excited for this chance to finally check out this character.Now, a little more backstory before the review. Normally here o...

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Flashpoint from the Outside 0

Now I'm going to start this review off with a disclaimer, and that is that I did not read the other issues of Flashpoint before going into this one. Now yes, I know a lot of folks are going to say right now that I shouldn't be writing a review of this with no feeling of how well it tied into the rest of the storyline, and they're right. However this Wednesday tons of people are going to pick up this issue who did not read any of the other chapters because they want to know how the DC Universe is...

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The Closest Marvel Has Come to Perfect in a Long Time 0

Over the past year that Astonishing Spider-Man and Wolverine has been coming out I've been hearing a lot of people complaining about how crazy and whacky it is, and I hate to be one of those guys who defend something by saying "You just don't get it," but seriously, if you don't see what's good about this movie, then you're just not getting it. This is a series that is supposed to be goofy and out there, which is way harder to pull off than people think and when you don't do it right it's just f...

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I Really Don't Want to Say This But.... 0

Okay, let me begin by saying that I hate giving a comic a bad review, first off because I want to see all comics succeed, but also because anytime that you go on forums or anywhere else online to find a comic review all you find is just angry geeks shouting "This is the worst thing ever, this is an abomination, I call BS on all this," when in reality it's just fairly decent and just sort of alright. And because of this I try never to complain about a book, especially online, but this is the book...

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The Award for Biggest WTF Moment goes to... 0

I don't know if anyone out there is a movie fan, but recently the movie The Last Exorcism has been making big splashes across the net because everyone has been saying the same thing, "It's got a great buildup, but the ending comes out of nowhere and makes no sense." I bring this up because this could just as easily be the words used to describe this issue of Avengers: The Children's Crusade.  Now the first issue of this was a fantastic return for the Young Avengers and looked like it would final...

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Is it Really His Finest Hour? 0

This week the final Scott Pilgrim novel arrived in stores and it is titled "Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour." A very fitting title considering the task that lies before him. However, is this really his finest hour, or has the magic started to wear off.    Now let's start by thinking about the fact that this was the end of an era. Scott Pilgrim really is the comic and hero for my generation, the mid to early twenties (probably late twenties too), that generation that was the first generation to gr...

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