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You know what, I like this idea, I totally support it.

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Hey the rest of the mutants are making their debut, I look forward to it.

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Predator, but it would take a good long time.

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I like this possibility that she might actually have done more harm than good by creating the DCnU, because ever since she mentioned when she first appeared that it was to make this world stronger by merging them I've looked at it and went "How is making all the characters younger and getting rid of some of them making this world stronger?" So I like that Phantom Stranger is kind of calling her out on only thinking she made it stronger.

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These are good points, especially the one about Nick Cage, but also we just have to remember that Ghost Rider, even in the comics isn't that popular anymore. And I know that a lot of folks are going to go "What are you talking about? I love him!" Yes, yes you do, YOU love him, the majority of readers no longer care. Marvel gave him a series that didn't even make it to double digits recently, same goes for the team book he was just on, and right before both of those they gave him another series that only lasted about a year and a half I believe, maybe two years, either way that's not a good sign. One day he will be popular again, but for now he needs to go into hiding so he can one day make that comeback.

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I still don't really like the lightning bolt suspenders look on Electro, but I'm glad to see the Sinister Six being a real threat once again.

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Yes they should and I'll tell you why. Look at characters like Bane or Venom or Taskmaster, these are characters who are very popular because everyone says they're total bad asses, and because of that tons of writers want to use them in their books. However, because they're villains, they do have to lose whenever they show up. So after years of constantly popping up in books only to be beat down, they no longer really seem all that cool, they even seem kind of weak. However, if you give a good villain their own book, then we can see just how nasty and dangerous they are, because in their own book they're actually allowed to win.

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So far I can tell two things from Earth 2 - One being that it doesn't sound like the comic I thought it would be, and the other being that Superman's outfit on Earth 2 looks much better than the one in the New 52, mostly because it doesn't look like he need's Tony Stark's tech to suit up.

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I still miss and prefer the old Blue Beetle series, I miss the more uplifting tone and the focus on his strong and supportive friends and family. But that being said, I still have to admit that while this book is totally different from the last one, it's still a good series that deserves to stick around.

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@NightFang said:

The Indie comic companies need to get together and lunch one big ad campaign for all there comics.

Not a bad idea.