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While on the one hand I do think this team makes sense, like I can understand all these characters working together, on the other hand it just doesn't seem like the Thunderbolts. It seems more like some black ops assassination team rather than a group of villains working as heroes, which has been to me what the main idea behind the Thunderbolts is.

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Wait, that script was before Bay got a hold of it? So the actual script is even worse than the one we saw?

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Ms Marvel (Introduced in the Guardians of the Galaxy Movie), Ant Man and Wasp (introduced in the Ant Man movie), and the Vision... we all know who that would be.

As far as a villain, I know Thanos was being set up as the big baddy, but I'd love to see Ultron if Thanos doesn't make it.

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I'll go with Cass. Finesse is just too arrogant, she probably wouldn't even spend that day preparing for the fight, she'd just assume she was going to win. Cass on the other hand has the experience to know what she's getting into and how to adapt in a fight.

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Anyone else think this looks like the Avengers from an evil alternate post apocalyptic world?

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I'm glad that they're not rewriting the history of this universe because Marvel fans tend to care more about the history of their characters and their storylines. Although I will say that these redesigns are... um... not all that great (why does the Hulk need armor? Why is Thor now a god of war? Why is Iron Man now... well just evil looking?), and based on some of the recent "changes for the better" that some of the Marvel higher ups have gone through, I'm not looking forward to it. And as someone who had to suffer through Bendis's Avengers, my heart goes out to all you X-Men fans.

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Even without the Odin Force Thor would get close, so with it I'd say he'd win.

Also it's been a while since I've read Superman so maybe they changed this, but didn't Doomsday adapt only to the stuff that killed him, like he couldn't be killed the same way twice? If that's the case then Thor would still have to win in order for Doomsday to adapt.

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This is a pretty accurate rundown.

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In some alternate dimension out there Marvel realizes that Jeph Loeb makes bad decisions and as a result they have both a successful movie AND television industry.

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Was that Red Robin in his old costume I see in there? Or is it another character in that outfit?