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I've always liked Kyle, but if we're only letting him use his Green Lantern powers and not the other ones he's acquired, and its the New 52 versions of them, then I'd have to go with Hal simply because Kyle's only had his ring for a short while in the comics now, so I think Hal's experience would help pull him ahead.

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Yeah I don't care what anyone says, this is totally an Alternate Universe (AU, get it). Wolverine and Invisible Woman from this alternate world travel back in time to our world to kill Hank Pym before he creates Ultron, and that's how it crosses over into our world (which is why we see Peter Parker Spider-Man and the Superior Spider-Man involved in it).

Also, "It was an age of heroes, an age where man and mutant set their differences aside." I'm pretty sure it has to last longer than six issues to be considered "an age." Otherwise its just called "a few issues." Marvel, you have to give us something before you destroy it for it to count.

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Marvel, seriously we need a break. We need a chance to catch our breaths. Big crossovers used to be special, but now that that's all we get, all the joy and charm and epicness of them all is gone. Age of Ultron promises to kill off half the heroes in the Marvel Universe, and it hasn't even begun yet, and we're already getting a preview for the next event, which promises to be even bigger, and is coming out in the same year. And I'm not coming out here and saying "Oh this is going to suck, this looks stupid," I'm not, I'm not saying that at all. This could truly be the greatest and best written story in Marvel's history, but we've had so many events that even if it is great it won't feel like it is.

And the saddest part is that Marvel not only has said, but flat out brags, about how they don't look at opinions online. They brag about how they never read message boards or the comments on sites because they say that's bad business. They say the best way to tell what people want is to look at sales, but they don't understand that when it comes to big events that's kind of like holding their universe hostage. "Oh you like Thor? Well Thor may die in Fear Itself, so if you want to know what happens then you need to pick it up." "In Age of Ultron half the heroes on Earth are going to die, so if you want to know if your favorite characters live then you'll have to read the story. Sure you could choose not to buy it, but then you won't know."

Well folks, I say if that's how they want to play it then let's give them what they want. To all of you who are tired of these big crossovers, just don't buy them. Even if they say "Hey this changes everything," or "You won't believe who dies," or "This is bigger than all the others ones we promise." If you're just flat out tired of these big events and crossovers, then just don't buy it.

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Heck yes I would. That show was the only connection I still had to what was good about the Pre-New 52 DC Universe. They could continue it in comic strips inside packs of gum, I'd buy the crap out of it.

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This is easily the most crazy rumors to come out yet... its also the most frightening so it might be true.

(Also, Ron Perlman as Rocket Raccoon, just saying)

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As much as I want him back with Mary Jane and to see all that OMD undone, I do think they make a cute couple.

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Forget "why WE need to know," I'd be happy if they just knew what the history was. My biggest problem with the New 52 is that it is so clear that they're just making it up as they go. Forget how Batman has only been around for five years but his son is ten and had his father's cowl when he was a toddler. Forget that Lobdell said on this very site that Tim Drake's father was killed and now he's alive. Just think about the stuff that they try to keep canon, if you think about it for more than a few minutes you realize none of it works. Just to throw out an example, Kyle Rayner broke up with Natu because of Jade. But Jade no longer exist. So why are they still broken up? Or with Brightest Day, Swamp Thing came back to life because of Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, the Hawks, and Firestorm. But Firestorm just came into existence. So how did this happen? I have no problem with a reboot, but they went into this without thinking of really anything.

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This seems to be Bendis' big problem with writing team books. He does really funny interactions with characters, but he doesn't make the characters feel very three dimensional or all that much like themselves really (Luke Cage being the exception).

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Warner Brothers, listen, I know you want that Avenger's money, but trust me on this, this is not a good idea. You have to make one of these movies work first before you do something this big, and yes I know the Dark Knight Trilogy was great, but this is apples and oranges.

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@Mercy_ said:

@obscurefan said:

he can't just have them sit around all day making pop culture references.

Or can he...

I actually wrote this on twitter and BMB actually responded with "They have the internet and cable," so apparently they can :P