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Cardiac's tech is more cutting edge than Kingsley's. Also Kingsley doesn't fight from the front line as much as he works over people through a medium, while Cardiac is super dedicated and will gladly get his hands dirty. So I'm going with Cardiac.

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Ron Perlman for Rocket Raccoon.

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I work in a comic book store and was in there last night when the news broke, and all I could do was mischievously grin as a thousand geek's heads exploded right in front of me and throughout the rest of the night dozens of people came into the store, some not even to buy anything but simply to ask "I-Is it true? Is Ben Affleck Batman? Please please say it isn't so. No, God No! Please say its a joke."

So yeah I'm pretty excited about this.

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I love the Heroes for Hire, but I have to hand this one to Flash and Kaine for two reasons.

One is the fact that the Spiders have way better camouflage for this fight than the H4H. Kaine has his suit that can hide him from sight, sound, and on pretty much every visual spectrum. And because this fight takes place at night Venom could easily hide in the shadows with the way his symbiote cloaks him. Combine that with his military training and he could easily sneak up on the two of these guys, even with Iron Fist's incredible reflexes and senses.

And secondly both of the Spiders have an ace in the hole that comes out when the fight gets too rough. Even if the H4H have them on the ropes and things are looking bad, before they go down Kaine gives in to "The Other" and goes into a berserker rage, and Flash would lose control to the symbiote and start screaming about eating brains. Next thing you know Iron Fist and Luke Cage now have to go toe to toe with two out of control monsters with a flurry of tentacles and spikes flying all over the place. Even if Cage has unbreakable skin he'd eventually get too worn down to fight (or if the symbiote really gets out of control or Flash has been given the orders to stop him at any cost, it could end up smothering him and depriving him of air) and Iron Fist could put a hefty beat down on the two Spiders but with Kaine going out of control he'd just need to land one spike to his heart and that would be it. And I know you might be thinking "Yeah but Iron Fist's reflexes are so sharp he'd never land that blow." We've seen that the moment Kaine loses control to the Other, he moves faster and like a wild beast that would take anyone by surprise.

Or if they don't go into their berserker modes, they could both still win simply by tying the two of them up in an almost unending amount of webbing. I'm sure the two of them could keep getting out of it, but after breaking out of six or seven web traps (each one stronger than steel) even the Heroes for Hire would be too exhausted to put up much more of a fight.

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I know everyone is going to vote for Batman but before ol' Tasky loses too badly let me just throw this out there. When Batman first went up against Prometheus he lost because Prometheus had downloaded into his gear the fighting skills of the top thirty fighters on the planet, including Batman. Taskmaster has the fighting skills and arsenal of the top thirty, forty, even fifty fighters on Earth and would learn Batman's the moment he saw them. Now I know that Prometheus also had a flashing light on his helmet that he said kept Batman disoriented, but Batman has trained his mind to block out distractions or psychological attacks like that, what beat him in the end was solely the difference in skills. And with Taskmaster able to switch fighting skills on the fly, the moment Batman started to peg down one fighting style, many of which he would never have seen before because they came from a different dimension (Bats would have no idea what the heck "Spider-Fu" is, let alone the Black Knight's ancient sword fighting techniques or the way Captain America has figured out how to handle a shield), Taskmaster would just swap over to another fighting style, keeping Bats from being able to figure out what to expect.

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Speaking as a New Yorker, if this fight starts in Time Square, then Aquaman is a real fish out of water. The Hudson might be five avenues away, but those are long ass avenues. Unless the Thing punches him directly towards the water, no way is he making it there without just up and running away from the fight. Now I know that Aquaman is a total badass (I even said that and defended him long before Geoff Johns took over the character) but in the boiling summer heat in this city, surrounded by nothing but electrical equipment, and fighting a big bruiser who knows the landscape like the back of his hand, yeah he's not taking this one.

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This looks alright to me, although it does seem like the basic theme behind all the New 52 designs is "Put so many small lines in it that nobody can do fanart of it."

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We need Jade back simply to keep part of the GL story in tact. In Wrath of the First Lantern we see that Kyle Rayner still turned into Ion, he turned into Ion because Jade gave him her powers, so how did this happen in the New 52 without him?

Heck for that matter, Kyle broke up with Natu because the Star Sapphire showed him that his true love was Jade. In the New 52 they're still broken up, yet if Jade doesn't exist, then how did that happen? Just bring Jade back, say she always existed but has a different origin story, and bang, problem solved.

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Well... that certainly wasn't the news I was expecting to hear this morning.