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It looks cool@HopesummersFORtheFUTURE said:

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I guess beast will be ok too after his death scare in the All New X-Men

whats that page from???

I think Wolverine's new look is awesome.

anyone know where I can get a comic with this wolverine costume or trade?

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New 52- William Cobb-an assassin for the Court of Owls.

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I would like to see F. Quitely to take over Barrows.

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anyone know the best story arcs? or other top story lines?

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Lady Shiva.

Could she be the arch-nemesis of Nightwing?

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Ben Reilly is, was and the best clone. The original Scarlet Spider should come back, but as himself as Ben Reilly. Not with any other alias (spiderman and/ or pet. parker). Come to think of it

What ever happen to Ben?

I read the real Clone Sage (well the newer version with Todd Nauck's artwork) and at the end of the comic, Ben rides away in his cycle and after that gone.

Get The Point

This wasn't the cause of disappearance ----->

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@pulseangel666 said:

Don't know about this, it could ruin a great movie and possible new series of film

I agree. Matthew Vaughn did a great job directing X-Men First Class. Although Matthew Vaughn "will stick around to produce" it's not the same as directing. Nolan, who directed all three Batman Films, will produce the upcoming Superman movie. Man of Steel will not be like the Batman films. In other words, it won't be that great of a movie. I don't like Bryan Singer as the director. Something tells me this is going to turn out ugly.

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best? hard to say, but Tim Drake seems like he is going a good job as Robin.

Dick Grayson is better as Nightwing.

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@spiderpool94 said:

@PunyParker said:

Black Cat WILL be in a sequel..... "but Sony telling Beenox they couldn't use her in the games because they had plans" thats why....and in the game she is Felicia Hardy....not Black Cat....

I really don't know who will play a GOOD Felicia Hardy...its hard,really

Now,main villian i think will be Goblin....Osborn is sick in the movie, so i think he will get to the surface, sooner or later!

Exactly, and they mentioned OSCORP about a billion times in the movie. It seems to me they'll bring the Goblin in and have Gwen killed in the second movie.

seems reasonable. If Green Goblin comes out hopefully they use the original costume. Not a similar metallic one from Raimi. Instead of putting Green Goblin they might replace him with Hobgoblin (it would be interesting). Gwen's death might be incorporated in the upcoming film (that would be interesting as well).

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@The_Thunderer said:

@JohnnyGat said:

I really dig the New 52 Earth 2 Batman Costume

My New Favourite Bat Costume

Batman Beyond


I also like Batman Beyond