Seeing RED: Atrocitus

One of the questions that gets thrown around a lot is who is your favorite Lantern? Everyone has their own choices and their own opinions on the matter. Everyone has their Hal, their Guy, heck I even hear people say that Carol as a Sapphire is their favorite. These are all great characters and all but I believe that their is one who is simply underrated by everyone else, and that is ATROCITUS

But who is he?

Atrocitus is the leader of the Red Lantern Corp. His real name is Atros and was born on planet Ryut, and was a survivor of the infamous Massacre of Sector 666, during which the Manhunters wiped out the life in an entire space sector including his wife and his daughter. This is where he draws his rage. He swears revenge on the Guardians of the galaxy because of his family’s death and will stop at nothing to kill every last one of em

So this point you’re probably thinking “Uggh laaaaaame! He’s just another big angry red guy who simply smashes everything he sees”

Remember kids, always use protection!

On the contrary, Atrocitus is a very controlled and level-minded red lantern. While he is absolutely angry he maintains full control of the Red Lantern Corps and is actually a cerebral and calculating opponent to GLs all around.

This is what makes me LOVE Atrocitus. While every other Red Lantern out there looks like Wolverine when he’s having going on his road rage while puking his breakfast out, Atrocitus remains focused and collected. And this focus of him is his greatest asset. He knows how channel his anger into constructive ways. I like to think of him as a raging river of flaming blood that is headed to wash over the world before the seventh seal is opened and hell breaks loose. Yes, this guy is old testament material! Hell, he is so old-testament he should be included in a remake of Hilary Swank’s The Reaping!

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Geek Tweak: Fear itself

Browsing through 4chan today and I found that anon had started one of my favorite threads: the character redesign thread. I love these threads because firstly its a great dump for amateur art that (which shows me how much talent there is in the world) and its just pretty cool to see what goes on in anon's head

So one of the posts showed me something interesting. Check Bruce's belt on the pic and what's attached to it

And that's when it hit me! Batman should be using Crane's fear as a weapon! Bruce needs to weaponize that shit and use it on ALL of the criminals he's going after. It's would go so perfectly with the persona he brings. And this time when he says that he uses fear as his weapon, he means fear is LITERALLY HIS WEAPON! And holy flying rodent Batman, that's awesome!!

Look at that thing and tell me it's not scary!

Now some of you may contest that this isn't really a good idea as Bane demonstrated in TDKR, it CAN be beaten. But here's something to think about, not everyone used to be a part of the League of Shadows like Bane!

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Geek Tweak: How women capes with super strength should look like

Super strength is one of the most common super power in comic books today. I’d say that majority of the superheroes in modern day comic books can lift a car with their pinky or bench press a building. It is so common that its not just guys who have it but even girls! And whenever I see heroines with super strength I think of one guy: Frank Cho

Frank Cho is a Korean-American comic strip and comic book writer and illustrator, known for his series Liberty Meadows, as well as for books such as Shanna the She-Devil, Mighty Avengers and Hulk for Marvel Comics, and Jungle Girl for Dynamite Entertainment. The artist is noted for his figure drawing, precision lines, and depiction of muscular and well-endowed women    

If you’re going up against Hulks, you need all the muscle you can get 
 \ A lot of his art features meaty (might even say voluptuous) but otherwise built women. And that’s how I believe women capes should look like. I mean if your punching holes through brick wales and throwing things half the size of my ego (which is pretty damn big mind you) then you gotta be ripped or at least toned! And it doesn’t matter if you’ve got superpowers, you’re muscles are gonna develop  if you can lift towers and shit  
Well if lifting a giant robot head that weighs a few hundred tons won’t build those muscles then I dont know what will 

My League of Superheroes

So I've been spending a lot of time with Facebook lately - more than I should, actually. And in one of its apps I had the chance to build my 5-man superhero team and while it was fun thinking of who would be in the team, it wasn't sattisfied with my own little league of supers. So after work, I came home and thought about who I would want and here's my roster.

Jack Hawksmoor

The King of Cities
My first pick is The Authority's Jack Hawksmoor; the King of Cities. Now the reason why I chose Jack was mainly because of his abilities. What you need to know about me is that I'm not that big of a Wildstorm fan, I'm more into Marvel, DC and Top Cow comics but despite my lack of fondness for Wildstorm I was still intrigued by Jack's character upon reading on him on comicvine.

For people who don't know Jack, he is the so-called King of Cities. This man can pretty much do anything he wants to within the limits of the city he is in: eat pollution, talk to buildings, reshape streets - practically anything as long as he is within a city. Basically, he is sort of an urban Morpheus and the city is The Dreaming. His powers also relate to the health, size and population of the city so the greater the city is the stronger Jack is.  And when you say strong I mean STRONG. This man had literally turned Tokyo (Yes Tokyo. As in Tokyo, Japan) into a giant robot, merged with it and fought off Kansan city.


The second Engineer: Angela Spica
My next pic is another one from The Authority: Wildstorm's Engineer, Angela Spica. Why did I choose Engineer? Because every team needs its resident well... engineer. I was actually picking from Iron Man, Forge and Engineer. I chose her over Iron Man because Tony Stark is a dick and the man just gets on my nerves sometimes. And I chose her over Forge because although they have the same capabilities, the only mechanized part of Forge is his arm while Engineer actually replaced her blood with nano-tech liquid! Now how cool is that?

Just like Forge and Iron Man, Angela is a technopath which means she can talk to machines, in a manner of speaking. And just like her moniker implies she is an engineer - able to create pretty much anything from machines to weapons, make duplicates of herself, generate energy shields and electrical storms, spread viruses (that can affect both machines and people), grow organs, time travel and whatever else she can think of. There really is no limit to what her machines can do other than her imagination. She also wears her nanotechnology on her skin when in battle and it's shown to be stronger that the first Engineers, allowing her to take direct hits from atomic bombs without sustaining damage.


Third pick is someone from Marvel whom I think was a pretty much overlooked all throughout the Civil War Arc: Terrance Ward aka Trauma. This dude has been flying under the radar for a while now but I still think that he's got one of the coolest abilities in The Initiative. (although its been done before)

Trauma has the ability to shape-shift into his opponent's worst fear. At first, he could not fully control the power, causing him to become a gigantic version of Armory's fear (a spider). After receiving training from Dani Moonstar, Terrence is now able to "fine-tune" his transformations, and actually use them to calm people. Trauma has even been able to assume the forms of Thor, Abomination, and Juggernaut. It still has been yet to be revealed whether he obtains the same power levels of the form he assumes when he shapeshifts. If he does, then the boy should be considered an omega-level mutant


I wanted my superhero team to be a motley crew of heroes. I wanted it to be composed of a variety of characters so that the team could undertake any kind of mission imaginable. I wanted the team to be able to do assault, rescue, reconnaissance and even stealth missions. This is why I chose Chinatsu

Chinatsu is the vampire heroine for the series Drain. She is a proud kunoichi (female ninja) who was turned into a vampire and had everything taken away from her. She now lives throughout the ages, dedicating her very life er- existence to seeking out and getting revenge on the creature who made her what she is today.

Chinatsu has powers just like your normal everyday vampire - super strength, agility, immortality, enhanced senses, AND she is also, wait for it... a ninja! (talk about creatures of the night). Now if a vampire ninja doesn't spell out stealth then I don't know what will.

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