Favorite Publisher(s)


Well I'm not the kind of person that because I like one company, I automatically hate their rivals.  Since I can remember though, the publisher that I've always backed in "who's better" arguments has been Marvel.

I really enjoy Marvel books and prefer them over other those DC puts out but I realize that that's just because the first comics series I ever followed was Uncanny X-Men, published by Marvel.  I believe that if instead, I had gotten into the Batman, or Flash series or something I would probably now be a DC fan.  with all that being said, I gotta say, I love both Marvel and DC and think that they've contributed so much to comics and that comic books in general would not be the same without the two of them.  At the moment my favorite comics include Batman (DC), Wolverine (Marvel), and The Immortal Iron Fist (Marvel).  So yeah, i prefer a little of both.  Some smaller publishers I'd like to mention, though, is Dark Horse and Oni Press.  Dark Horse been giving us great comics on licensed material for a long time, and I've enjoyed many of their series having to with Star Wars, Alien, Terminator, and Buffy (sometimes), as well as everything having to with BPRD and Hellboy.  And well Oni Press has given us the greatness that is Wasteland.

Fave publishers:

1. Marvel
2. DC
3. Dark Horse
4. Vertigo
5. Oni Press
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Posted by Super-Buster

Wolverine is DC? When did that happen?

Nice blog by the way, I like your reasoning.
Posted by The Psyentist

Yeah, Marvel's my favourite, but others definitely are good and are worth noting.

Posted by T.J. Magnum

wolverine in DC ????


Posted by T.J. Magnum

i think i throw the wrench into your theory

cause i read marvel...........before them all.........and started reading WS like a year or two ago.

Posted by Obi Wan Kenobi!

oh sh!t...Wolverine..lol