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@SpideyFan113: I saw a solicit where he was using the claws to climb. Didn't O'Hara use his claws to climb?

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Spider-Man 2099 immediately came to mind when I saw the claws.

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In the last few years, Marvel has treated Emma like Cyclops's arm adornment and his yes man. Look back at a few issues, where is Emma usually located? Behind Cyclops. They've muddled down Emma's personality and made her Cyclops's Mrs. Bigglesworth. All she's missing is a rhinestone collar with Cyke holding the leash. She's not a terrible leading lady, Marvel has just mistreated Emma just like any other female character. The only reason she's 'lead' lady is because she has big boobs and an S&M aspect to her personality.

Saying Jean has done more is, ah, no duh! Jean has been on the X-Men since...what, the 70s?! Do ya THINK she's done more?!

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It's bad story telling. Because if they arrested the Phoenix Five plus Magneto (who was their ally against the Phoenix Five, so no good deed goes unpunished, right?), there's quite a few people from the Avengers they need throw in the jail with the former Phoenix Five plus Magneto.

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The fact that comics have to go, 'look, look, we're diverse because so-and-so is such-and-such ethnicity' just leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Honestly, the clapping and barking for a treat from some new politically correct activist group is just so...sad. Aside from coloration, comic book characters tend to look virtually identical anyway (cough Greg Land cough), which, in a sense, makes them universally identifiable. But instead of just thrusting some new, unique character into the mix with a compelling characterization for readers to discover on their own, they have to announce, "HEY! LOOK AT WHAT WE DID!" before anyone can really see the character for who he/she is and immediately start developing a bias in the reader's minds.

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I fear Emma will die, she has not been in any previews well into November. But I think Marvel covered their ass by having Emmeline Frost in the X-Treme X-Men (*cough* Exiles revisited. *cough*). I don't want to see Emma die, but she has become so...pathetic...hovering over Scott's shoulder, waiting for his next command. Marvel was ruining her. Perhaps a clean slate is just what Emma needs. AvX is horrible, the writing was terrible, the plot made/makes no sense, and it's so full of inconsistencies...argh! I fear what Marvel Now might hold in store for readers.

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As soon as I saw the title "Days of Future Past", I went YES! YESYESYESYEEEES! Which automatically means NOOOOOOOOOOO! I hated 'First Class' because I could not get past my expectations for canon accuracy or even just within the realm of 'accurate with creative licensing.' So if 'First Class' was that much of a let down, I can't imagine how rabid I would be seeing 'First Class' meets 'Days of Future Past.' Movies--especially the X-Men franchise--have the habit of cramming in so many %&*#ing cameos that it just waters out the story. And a dark alternate future offers the producers a whooooole buffet of cameos to jam down the viewers' throats because everyone wants to see their favorite characters on the big screen.

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Scarlet Witch Vs the Nexus of Creation...you'd think it would be a clear outcome. But no, Marvel needs some way to stop the five Dark Phoenixes (because you *know* it's coming!) and Hope is such a poor copy of Jean, she'll need some help. So lets redeem the psycho with unimaginable power (at what point did Wanda become sooo ^&#@ing powerful?! I never liked the character, so I never paid her much attention.) and solve the Phoenix problem in one swoop. I can only hope that Hope is vaporized when this is all said and done. HATE Hope.

Also, how is the Phoenix Five aren't as powerful as any other Phoenix hosts? In 'Endsong', the Shi'ar agents said 'What is a fraction of infinity?' Or something to that effect. The Cuckoos had a fraction of the Phoenix and they stopped time!

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I'd say mind wiping Shaw instead of killing him was a sign of her redemption. Fear Itself...ugh, poor Marvel writing (I was personally wishing she successfully smother Hope!). They're really enjoying Emma straying from Scott. Note also that Namor was concerned about her arm after it was reattached while Scott was being emotionally distant and that Namor was there with the Fear Itself scenario to check in on her. With Unit, they didn't have sex and Unite manipulated them with pheromones.

Meanwhile, Magik raised up a piece of Limbo to serve as a prison.

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A) Magik would be the most corrupt, bar none. B) Emma is totally screwing with Namor. C) Emma has already 'faded into the background' with Scott. She's become an arm adornment for Scott. 90% of the time you see Emma in the comics these days, she's standing beside (and even more often, behind Scott), waiting to obey or reinforce his every command. Emma needs to be free of Scott, she's become Mr. Bigglesworth!

As far as AvX is concerned, you know the Phoenix Five are going to go Dark Phoenix and Jean or Hope aka Jean 2.0 is going to swoop in to save the day. Sure the Phoenix Five was a twist, but in the end, you just know how it will turn out.